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Waxing during pregnancy- what you need to know

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 5th

Waxing during pregnancy- what you need to know

Pregnancy is a wonderful and glorious time in a woman’s life. Your body experiences different changes both physically and mentally. Due to hormonal changes, you may face many problems and one of them is extra hair growth in unwanted places.Hair removal for some pregnant women is a great concern. Waxing is the one of best way to get rid of unwanted hair for 4-5 weeks. 

Is waxing safe during pregnancy?

This questions frequently asked and searched on the internet by women.Being waxed during pregnancy is safe; however, in some cases skin irritation, swelling, increased sensitivity can make waxing painful. Thus, it is always good and safe to consult your doctor before you wax.

Though, waxing is little painful, it is the finest method to remove unwanted body hair and maintain hygiene during pregnancy for long time.

At the latter months of pregnancy, it is very difficult to see your bikini zone, so shaving and using hair removal cream daily is quite difficult for you, especially when you can’t even see those areas.

Visiting a salon

You can go to a salon but choosing a good one is ought to be your priority because some salons use the same wax for different costumers that can increase risk of infection. While home waxing kit is safe for the early months when you can do it by yourself, test it first on small areas to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

If you choose to continue waxing until end of pregnancy, you can also opt a professional salon. They havea team of experienced people who do it safelywith minimum pain.Every specialized salon will suggest you to go with an XX during pregnancy. Now what is XX? Well, these are bikiniareas where a double XX will be safe and less painful during pregnancy. So when you visit the salon, tell them that you are pregnant. Once you tell this, they will take special precautions and will not use any tea tree product in the area, this will prevent irritation and any undue side effects.

Going for Brazilian wax

While, Brazilian waxing during pregnancy is good for those who already have experienced it before but if you’ve never been waxed before, it might not be a good idea to start during pregnancy. Hormonal changes in your body can make your skin extra sensitive and itchy this time. You have more blood flowing in your body especially in pubic area that also means you are more sensitive to tug and pull.

Using numbing cream

Applying numbing cream before waxing can help. The numbing cream is a topical anesthetic, which can be applied about half an hour before waxing. The cream would numb the area, and you will not feel the pain. Numbing creams are generally safe (but its usage varies with skin types), do consult your doctor before using it during pregnancy.

Whatever you decide, do what is right for your body. Well, there is not enough evidence that waxing at the time of pregnancy is unsafe but if you are trying it for first time, it may not bea good idea, so avoid it in this case.