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What are the Features of Fastest Numbing Cream?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Apr 9th

What are the Features of Fastest Numbing Cream?


Are you afraid of needle? Do you have a fear of pain? Many of us don’t have high pain tolerance. Whether you’re preparing for your first tattoo session, bikini wax or laser treatment, a numbing cream is the perfect solution for diminishing pain.

While the market out there is flooded with myriads of anesthetic creams options, not every cream is worth purchase. Here are a few features you should look for in a fastest numbing cream:

Effective –When it comes to determining how efficient a numbing cream is, justcheck for its effectiveness. A numbing cream is fastest and effective enough when ifit makes your skin area completely numb, quickly and its numbing effect lasts for 2-3 hours.

Easily available–Availability is a major factor when it comes to medications. While often numbing creams are available as over-the-counter (without prescription) medicines, many a times you cannot avail them everywhere.Hence, make sure which ever numbing cream you choose can be procured or obtained easily in your region.

Easy to implement–A numbing cream should be easy to implement, which means the procedure to use the cream should be easy and convenient. This is because numbing creams are applied to ease the pain. You may require using them in emergency situations even. At this time, a person might feel immense pain and this is where a fastest numbing cream comes in. Numbing solutions like Dr. Numb® are easy to use as they just need to be applied over the skin area 45 minutes prior the painful procedure.

Safe to Use –The composition of several numbing creams can make them cause you several side-effects like irritation, redness, inflammation, etc. Inadequate or access quantity of compositions in a numbing cream can be harmful. It’d be wise enough to use a numbing cream that contains about 5% Lidocaine in it and that is approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA).

Affordable – Not everybody can afford to buy expensive medications everytime. Hence, a fastest numbing cream that is available at affordable price rate is said to be the best numbing option.

Suitable to all Skin Types: A fastest numbing cream should suit all skin types without causing any side-effects.Even people with sensitive skin types should be able to use it without any issue.


While every numbing cream has its own pros and cons, a good numbing cream is one that possesses all the above mentioned features. Also, whatever option you choose, make sure to consult your doctor before using it.