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What Is Permanent Tattoo Removal Method?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 18th

What Is Permanent Tattoo Removal Method?

The art of inking thoughts on body (Tattoo art) is widely accepted and practiced way of self-expression of individual or collective beliefs or impressions made by life experiences. The history of Tattooing dates back to ancient times, but its popularity is achieving milestones in the modern civilization. However, people do end up with blunders inked on their body, like poor quality tattoo design or misspelled tattoos. It’s a hell of a task to remove permanent tattoo, at least, not a convenient sensation. But human kind has found methods to do away with tattoos of almost any strength.

Nowadays, it’s possible to get unwanted tattoos removed. These methods might not be easy and convenient, and it may hurt you and cost you. Still, you’ll be able get rid of the unwanted tattoos. In short, you don’t have to hide your tattoo, when can be completely removed. Here are some common permanent tattoo removal methods.

Laser Removal

The most common method to remove a tattoo is Laser Removal therapy. Tatto ink is broken into tiny fragments to be diluted gradually by body’s immune system. It takes more than one session depending upon the size and density, color of ink used. Also, the procedure period may vary depending upon the age of the subject. It some cases, tattoo can be removed in two to four visits, while some others may require 10-15 sessions. Make it a month or two if you have overdone it. It’s advised to consult only a well-trained professional to evaluate your tattoo, so that you could get best suggestion. 

Laser removal therapy is considered safe and efficient, but on the darker side of things, it’s painful. It’s good for small tattoos but on larger ones, it hurts. Laser therapy is considered less effective in case of colored tattoos, like red and green tattoos. They are difficult to remove. Also, shadow of your tattoo might remain on the spot, or even skin color gets light in that particular area. Another trouble with laser method is that it’s more expensive that getting the tattoo done. Obviously, lasers cost a lot more than pigments used for the tattoos.

Tattoo Vanish

For those who don’t find laser treatment affordable or convenient, there is another method which is favored as well as recommended by professional – Tattoo Vanish. Its uses all natural contents and does not use any kind of acids or non-toxic chemical as found in most of the non-laser therapies. Medically, it’s one of the safest alternatives to laser therapy, surgical excision or dermabrasion.

Tattoo Vanish can remove all type of colored tattoos. Instead of covering up, it can lighten the tattooed area that’ll be ready for fresh tattooing, if wanted. Laser therapy may leave gray/black shadows, but Vanish ensure complete disappearance, leaving no sign behind. Sensitive areas, which can’t be treated with laser, can also be treated with this method. The procedure requires authorized professionals.

Cover Up

You can also opt to later tattoos to cover it up. There are number of popular celebrities who are known for renewing their tattoo designs. The only advantages of this method is that you don’t even have to see the unwanted tattoo on your body and that you can make a refreshing style statement while flaunting your latest body art.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

In Intense Pulsed Light Therapy or IPL, a gel is applied on the tattooed area. High-intensity pulses are emitted onto it through a wand. It’s similar to laser therapy, but it may require fewer sessions. As a disadvantage, this method can leave burning sensation on the skin.


This one is really rough. It actually requires abrasive friction for tattoo removal and it can damage your skin by leaving unwanted scars. You can say this method is like sandpapering away your tattoo from your skin.