What Men Think Of Women Who Have Tattoos?

Tattoos are popular amongst both men and women since ancient times and its popularity is increasing with passing years with no signs of it to get fade in nearby future. In 2002, the term tattoo became the most searched term on the internet.

Although tattoos are available with people since long, still people are opinionated when it comes to a tattoo. However, it does not matter at all what others think of the tattoo because a tattoo is something which is close to heart and is an asset of a lifetime. Still, the article shares a point of view of men on what they think of women with tattoos.

In this article, the statements of men are documented so that we can come to conclusion about what they think of women with tattoos.

  • ‘Depends’ Statements
  • “For me, tattoos are both attractive and unattractive; it solely depends on the location of the body where it is inked. In my previous three relationships, all my girlfriends look hot to the same extent but tattoo location made a lot of difference. For instance, my previous girlfriend was absolutely stunning, covered with few tattoos but all of sudden she got her chest inked which destroyed her beautiful looks. This was the main reason I ended our short relationship instantly.”
  • “Although tattoos are a source of self-expression I think one should be creative enough to compile their thoughts into small piece of tattoo design instead of a huge tattoo design. Small tattoos are fine and beautiful to me but I feel large tattoos on woman feels bit trashy.”
  • “A well thought and thoroughly researched tattoo when finds a good location attracts me, else I am not a huge tattoo fan. I got worried when my girlfriend decided to get a tattoo but fortunately, she thought well and hence got a unique tattoo on her wrist which I still admire.”
  • “Tattoos are good but what I prefer is the good quality artwork. Some shitty words or Chinese symbol designs hardly attracts me as I fell the one who is the owner of such tattoos lack creativity.”
  • Bold Statements
  • “I am not a tattoo lover but when some woman wears it, I just love them. I guess tattoos are an indirect way of signaling that they are ready to mingle and hence it becomes easy to judge whether she is easy or not.”
  • “Tattoos do look attractive when they are small in number but when a woman is inked with a large number of tattoos, covering their whole body, it gives me a signal that a woman is desperate and wants to get into small term relationship instantly.”
  • “With my personal experience, I can say that a woman with tattoos are different and are full of anger which they show anywhere, even in public.”

Getting a tattoo is a personal choice but one is advised to follow proper instructions of tattoo artist before and after the tattooing process for a healthy and shining tattoo.

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