Why Should You Get Love Tattoos?

It is so amazing to be in love, right? But when it comes to expressing your feelings for love, you might get confused what to do and what not.

However, this doesn’t have to do be a big problem. You can easily express it with tattooing. Yes, getting inked can be a safe and simple solution. Do you know around 46% of people in USA has got one tattoo? Yes, the popularity graph seems to be on a rise. As far as love tattoos are concerned, these are always a preferred choice.

They are quite famous among couples who are always in search of something more express

sing and challenging. But that doesn’t make these tattoos restricted to the couples merely. These can be adorned by mother-daughter, father-son, or even for a loving pet.

Want some more reasons to get love tattoos? Or you need to show your affection for someone or something else?

Here are your answers.

  1. Aphrodite: These could be nothing better than this one to symbolize undying love for another. It is one of the great symbols to put with a name of someone truly beloved.
  2. Cupid: According to the Roman mythology’s, Cupid is known to be the love god since ancient times. You can have a cupid tattoo design with the name of your beloved one. It simply states that they are the love for all times and will always be.
  3. Dove: If you are looking for a symbol which can be used to express your love, you can adorn a dove. It represents peace, nurturing, devotion, and a promise of hope. So in all, it resonates with the person you love. Also, these innocent birds are said to be messengers from God. Hence, they will be showing you a deep connection, and offer power to abide by the love.
  4. Heart: This one has been a symbol of love across the world. It ideally identifies the passion for that one soul. Hence, if you are getting a heart with the loved one’s name, it adds power to your love life.
  5. Memories: These designs are said to denote your love for someone who has left this life. It can be your sibling, parent, spouse, or child. It stays with for a lifetime, stating that person has meant to be a great part of your life and needs to be remembered every day.
  6. Pet name: There are people who get too much attached to their lovely pets. If you too are truly bonded with them, and feel lucky to have that one angel, why not have his name or even his image drawn on your skin.


Basically, these tattoos serve to be a good mean of telling someone how much you love them. Regardless of the design you choice, you need to understand that tattooing is going to be painful. Yes, it includes tiny needle piercing through your skin, which is used to insert ink beneath your skin. But don’t worry for the pain!

As now you can count on a topical anesthetic cream like Dr. Numb. This numbing solution can make the entire procedure pain free. It comes this numbing solution comes with 5% lidocaine. It is a FDA compliant product and can be used for various skin treatments. When applied to the skin, it blocks the pain signals and numbs your skin for three to four hours. So, it will not pain or cause any kind of discomfort.

IMPORTANT: This product may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label.

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