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Worried About Pain In Botox Or Laser? Here Comes Numbing Cream!

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Mar 24th

Worried About Pain In Botox Or Laser? Here Comes Numbing Cream!

Pain is inevitable in most cosmetic procedures like Botox, microblading and laser hair removal. Luckily, we have numbing cream as a fantastic remedy for dulling pain. Learn here why numbing cream is a must have before any cosmetic procedure.

Arguably, cosmetic treatments like Botox, permanent makeup and microblading are the last resort to defy ageing signs. They are opted for treating wrinkles, thin eyebrows, unwanted hair and other beauty concerns that are otherwise not managed with cosmetics. With most of these treatments, you require two or three sittings to see the results.

But it is equally true that these cosmetic treatments are painful as they are invasive and intense in nature. For example, a laser practitioner throws intense laser beams at your skin to treat unwanted hair or ageing signs. Botox also hurts as it is injected into the skin. This is why pain is an obvious part of such cosmetic procedures.

Therefore, you experience pain while going through such cosmetic processes.

Fret not!

Numbing cream is here to eliminate pain from your cosmetic procedures. Well, it is a topical anesthetic that dulls your skin patch so that you don’t feel anything happening to your skin. In other words, it just desensitizes your skin for a couple of hours. In scientific terms, it dulls your nerve endings that carry pain signals to the brain.

Here we have explained how numbing cream removes the pain from the cosmetic procedures given below.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hairs. The process involves the emission of intense laser beams to be directed towards the hair follicles. These follicles are then broken down by these beams, delaying the growth of the hair on the treated area.

But the downside with the process is that it hurts due to the intensity of the laser beams. You feel as if your skin is being scratched by a cat (as most people have reported this.)

No wonder that laser practitioners recommend a numbing cream to their clients.


Botox is considered as an effective treatment for treating wrinkles, forehead lines, crow’s feet and other beauty concerns. And 6 million Botox treatments are done each year. No wonder that it is $2,455,000,000 industry in the USA.

Botox fluids are injected into the skin to control the weakness of the muscles. Consequently, it eases the stiffness or contraction of the underlying muscles.

No side effects have been reported so far with Botox, though it is common to have minor complications like swelling, bruising or minor redness.

Although the pain in Botox is tolerable, it depends on your pain threshold. Some people are even taken down by the fear of pain, thereby getting more conscious while undergoing the process. Therefore, you should use a numbing cream to face Botox treatment without any fear of pain.


Dermarolling is used to treat wrinkles, saggy skin, and acne. Good thing is that it can be done at home using a handheld dermaroller covered with stainless needles. These needles puncture the skin to enhance the collagen production as the skin heals.

However, dermarolling hurts and leads to bleeding if you use larger needles. This is why you should use numbing cream before the process.

Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup (PM) is a cosmetic technique that mimics the look of just applied makeup. A PM artist draws the features like lip line and eyebrows by implanting pigmentation in the skin. This process is just like tattooing, hence the name cosmetic tattooing. It is useful for the people who have little to no eyebrows or thin lip line due to age or medical conditions. Given that it is done with needles, it is painful and often leads to swelling and soreness. To minimize the pain and discomfort, you should use a numbing before the process.


In microblading, a professional uses a handheld pen to create the strokes that resemble eyebrows. So, it is beneficial for those who have little to no eyebrows due to ageing or medical condition. The eyebrow strokes last up to 3 years. However, it can’t be denied that microblading does hurt. You will feel as if your skin is being scratched.

So you need a numbing cream to go easy with the process.

(NOTE: Use the cream carefully over eyebrow as it can drop into your eyes. It is better if you get it done by others.)

Bottom Line:

You must have learned how a numbing cream can ease pain and discomfort from the abovementioned processes. Although it can be applied like an ordinary skin cream, you should read the instructions before an application. This is because it is a topical anesthetic that dulls the skin patches with its complicated chemical reaction. A wrong use of the cream can lead to complications like dizziness, inefficient numbing, and seizure and skin irritation.

Some numbing cream may have different guidelines, but in general, all the steps are similar which are given below:

  • Wash the skin with soap and water. Pat it dry
  • Apply a liberal amount of topical numb ointment
  • Cover it with plastic wrap (don’t use cotton dressing)
  • Wipe it off after 45 minutes.

You will experience numbness within 30 minutes of application.

Always Pick the Right Numbing Cream for All Cosmetic Process:

Not all numbing creams are the same. Some numbing creams are so mild that they can’t match the intensity of the process. For example, the lighter numbing effect may not dull the pain efficiently. This is why you need to choose a strong numbing cream. A good numbing cream meets the following metrics:

  • It contains 5% lidocaine
  • It is safe for skin
  • It ensures long lasting numbing effect
  • It is easy to remove or wipe off

Dr.Numb® numbing cream meets all these standards smoothly. It is a dermatologist certified numbing cream and approved by Health Canada. It is also one of the largest selling numbing creams in the world. So, buy Dr.Numb® numbing cream now and face the cosmetic process with confidence.