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Can You Get Microblading While Pregnant: 5 Risks & 6 Alternatives

The risks and alternatives of microblading while pregnant
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Pregnancy can give some women glowing skin, flushed cheeks, and glossy hair, but others can get stretch marks, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

It's not recommended to get microblading while pregnant due to potential impacts on your body's healing process and the associated risks. It's best to avoid microblading during pregnancy and breastfeeding to ensure your safety and well-being.

This blog post explores the risks, alternatives, and professional opinions of microblading while pregnant.

Can You Get Microblading While Pregnant: The Risks

The Risks of Microblading While Pregnant

One question that often arises is whether getting microblading during pregnancy is safe. While microblading can enhance your appearance, it's essential to understand the potential risks involved for both mother and baby.

Potential Risks for the Mother

When expecting, your body undergoes various changes, including hormonal fluctuations that affect your skin's sensitivity. Here are some possible risks involved with microblading during pregnancy:

  • Infection Risk: Microblading involves creating tiny cuts in the skin to deposit pigment. This opens up the possibility of infection if not properly cared for.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some women may be allergic to the pigments used in microblading. Mild discomfort to severe skin conditions.
  • Stress and Discomfort: Although microblading is generally less painful than tattooing, it can still cause stress and discomfort, which isn't ideal during pregnancy.
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Potential Risks for the Baby

While the direct impact on the baby is less clear, there are still potential concerns to be aware of:

  • Potential Impact of Stress Hormones: Stress induced by microblading can lead to the release of hormones like cortisol, potentially impacting the baby.
  • Possible Effects of Chemicals Used in the Process: While the pigments used in microblading are generally considered safe, the potential impact of these chemicals cannot be thoroughly evaluated.

Pregnant Women Can Get Microblading: Alternatives

Alternatives to Microblading for Pregnant Women

One such treatment is microblading, a semi-permanent solution for fuller eyebrows. The safety of microblading during pregnancy hasn't been fully established. Here are some alternatives to microblading that you might find helpful.

Other Safe Ways

There's no need to give up on beautiful brows just because you're expecting. Here are some safe ways to enhance your eyebrows during pregnancy:

  • Eyebrow Tinting: This is a safe method to darken the color of your brows, giving them a fuller look. Always check with your doctor before undergoing any beauty treatments during pregnancy.
  • Eyebrow Threading: This ancient hair removal method is safe during pregnancy and can help shape your brows without using chemicals or sharp tools.
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Makeup Techniques for Beautiful Brows

Makeup is another great way to enhance your brows during pregnancy. Here are some techniques you can try:

  • Brow Pencil: A good pencil helps define your brows. Choose one close to your natural brow color for the most natural look.
  • Brow Gel: Brow gel can help tame unruly hairs and keep your brows looking neat. Some even come tinted to add extra definition.

Natural Remedies for Lush Brows

If you prefer a more natural approach, there are remedies you can try to enhance your brows:

  • Castor Oil: This natural oil has been known to help stimulate hair growth. Apply it to your brows nightly for best results.
  • Healthy Diet: A vitamin-rich diet can help promote healthy hair growth, including eyebrows.

Microblading During Pregnancy: Professional Opinions

Professional Opinions on Microblading During Pregnancy

Expert opinions are invaluable regarding matters of health and safety during pregnancy. This section will delve into what dermatologists, obstetricians, and industry guidelines say about microblading while pregnant.

Views from Dermatologists and Obstetricians

Professionals play an essential role in advising expectant mothers on the best practices for their health and the well-being of their babies. Here's what they have to say about microblading during pregnancy:

  • Dermatologists: Many dermatologists advise against microblading during pregnancy. The skin changes due to hormones, which can affect how pigment is absorbed and increase the risk of infection or allergic reactions.
  • Obstetricians: Obstetricians often recommend avoiding unnecessary procedures during pregnancy. Stress from the process could potentially impact the baby, and the effects of the chemicals used are not fully known.
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Industry Guidelines on Microblading During Pregnancy

The beauty industry also provides guidelines for practitioners to follow when it comes to microblading during pregnancy:

  • General Caution: Most professionals in the beauty industry advise against microblading while pregnant. The potential risks to both mother and baby usually outweigh the procedure's benefits.
  • Client Consent: If a pregnant woman still chooses to get microblading done, informed consent is necessary. This means understanding all the potential risks involved.


Making the call on whether or not to get microblading while pregnant isn't a decision to be taken lightly. Yes, there are risks involved, from potential infections and allergic reactions to the stress the procedure might cause, not to mention the unknown effects of the chemicals used in the process on your baby.

On the flip side, safe alternatives, from makeup techniques to natural remedies, can help you achieve your eyebrow goals. The opinions of professionals in the field vary, with some recommending against it due to the potential risks and lack of concrete research.

Ultimately, it's about balancing your desire for aesthetic enhancement with the paramount importance of your and your baby's health. Pregnancy is an incredibly special, albeit temporary, stage in your life. There will be ample time for microblading once your bundle of joy is safely in your arms.

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