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Can I Go To The Gym After A Brazilian Wax: 3 Consideration & 6 Precautions

Is It Safe To Go To The Gym After A Brazilian Wax? 3 Factors & 6 Precautions
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Exercising right after a wax can let sweat and bacteria into your freshly exposed pores. This could be better. That can lead to breakouts, ingrown hairs, and infections. If we're exposed in a bikini, we certainly don't want that.

You must wait 24 hours before exercising after a Brazilian Wax to maintain smooth and healthy skin. 36-48 hours would be better. Your next waxing appointment is a good time to schedule your "downtime."

In this blog post, we will discuss the factors that you should consider before deciding to hit the gym after a Brazilian wax and the precautions you should take to prevent skin irritation.

Can I Go To The Gym After A Brazilian Wax: 3 Consideration

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Consider a few things when making the experience comfortable and safe. We'll cover 3 factors you should consider before hitting the gym:

Sensitivity of the Skin

After getting a Brazilian wax, your skin's sensitivity is one of the most important factors to consider. Hair is removed by waxing from the root, leaving the skin tender and sore. When you have sensitive skin, this sensitivity is further heightened. Allowing your skin to heal before engaging in any rigorous activity is crucial.

The following factors can increase sensitivity:

  • Hot water and harsh soaps can irritate the skin.
  • It's uncomfortable to wear tight clothing because it rubs against the skin.
  • Fabrics such as nylon and spandex can irritate the skin.
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Sweat is another essential factor to consider after getting a Brazilian wax. A moist environment created by sweat can promote the growth of bacteria and cause infections. After the procedure, avoiding sweating for a few days is essential.

Factors that can increase sweating:

  • When you exercise, run, or do yoga, you may sweat.
  • High humidity levels can exacerbate sweating.


Infections can occur after getting a Brazilian wax. When you remove your hair, it is removed from the root, which can leave tiny openings in your skin. Conditions can develop through these openings.

The following factors can cause infection:

  • Infections are caused by using dirty waxing equipment.
  • Unclean hands can cause infections.

Working Out After a Brazilian Wax: 6 Precautions

6 Precautions for Going to the Gym After a Brazilian Wax

Taking precautions after the procedure is essential to avoid discomfort and infection. Here are some safeguards to ensure a safe and comfortable workout.

Gym Waiting Period after Waxing

Getting a Brazilian wax may make you want to hit the gym immediately. It is essential to let your skin heal first. You should wait for the following reasons and for how long:

Healing the Skin is Important

Brazilian waxes pull the hair from the roots, leaving the skin exposed. Bacteria and infection are more likely to enter the hair follicles because they are open and exposed. It is, therefore, essential to let the skin heal before engaging in any activity that might irritate it further.

Waiting Period

After a Brazilian wax, experts recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before exercising. As a result, the skin has time to heal and close the hair follicles, reducing the chances of infection and irritation.

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Wearing Loose-Fitting Clothing

You will have sensitive skin after a Brazilian wax. Wearing the right gym clothing is therefore essential. You should avoid the following materials and wear loose-fitting clothing:

The Importance Of Loose-Fitting Clothes

Clothing that fits loosely after Brazilian wax reduces skin and clothing friction. Putting on tight-fitting clothes can cause irritation, chafing, discomfort, and pain.

Workout Clothing Materials To Avoid

Choose workout clothes that are not rough or abrasive following a Brazilian wax. Polyester, nylon, and spandex can irritate and sweat the delicate skin. Ensure the material is breathable and soft, such as cotton or bamboo.

Proper Hygiene Practices

Hygiene practices that should be followed

Proper hygiene is always crucial, but it is vital after a Brazilian wax when you are more susceptible to infections and bacteria. Here are some tips on how to sanitize gym equipment and why showering after a workout is essential:

Sanitize Gym Equipment

If gym equipment is not maintained and cleaned regularly, bacteria can grow there. Use disinfectant wipes or spray before using any equipment. You should also bring a towel to lie on mats and weights to prevent infection.

Importance of Showering After a Workout

It is important to take a shower after a workout to remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria. A shower can also soothe and hydrate the skin, reducing infection and irritation risks.

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Besides leaving your hair free and smooth, Brazilian waxes can leave your hair free and smooth. Before hitting a gym after a Brazilian wax, it's important to consider skin sensitivity, excessive sweating, and infection risks.

Taking precautions such as waiting 24-48 hours, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and practicing good hygiene can prevent skin irritation and infection. Consult a professional to decide whether to exercise after a Brazilian wax.

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