Dr. Numb® (pronounced as Doctor Numb) is a local or topical anesthetic cream that can be applied to the skin to reduce the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness. Dr. Numb® has been in the market since 2009, and is available over the counter, which means no doctor prescription is needed to buy it or use it. Dr. Numb® is very effective in numbing the skin for temporary relief of local pain, discomfort and itching associated with minor burns, sunburn, minor cuts, abrasions, insect bites and minor skin irritations. Dr. Numb® is proven to numb the skin for least 2 – 3 hours. Dr. Numb® is authorized for sale by Health Canada.

Mechanism of Action

Dr. Numb® works by blocking the pain signal sent by the nerve endings on the skin. When applied to the affected area, a feeling of numbness follows after 20-30 seconds. The correct instruction for using Dr. Numb® is listed below. Follow these instructions to have the optimum effect of numbness on the skin area where Dr. Numb® is applied.


Dosage form: Cream
Ingredients: LIDOCAINE 1.5g in 30g
Labeler: Shinpharma Inc
DIN: 02354527

Active Ingredient
Lidocaine 5%


For temporary relief of pain and/or itching associated with minor burns, sunburns, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites and minor skin irritations.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, rinse thoroughly with water. If condition worsens or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days, discontinue use and consult a physician. Do not use in large quantities, particularly over raw surfaces or blistered areas.

When using this product

  • do not exceed the recommended daily dosage unless directed by a doctor

Stop the use and consult doctor if

  • allergic reaction occurs
  • redness, irritation, swelling, pain, or other symptoms begin or increase

Keep Out of Reach of Children
If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away


  • Topical use (apply to the skin to relieve pain): Adults and children 2 years of age and older: apply to the affected areas not more than 3 to 4 times daily. Children under 2 years of age consult a physician.

Other information

  • Always keep the tube tightly closed
  • Store at temperature not exceeding 15 to 30 degrees Celsius
  • Protect from freezing

Inactive Ingredients
Benzyl Alcohol, Carbopol, Lecithin, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin E Acetate, Water.

Question or Comments
Call weekdays 9 AM to 6 PM PST at 1-877-786-2001 or email us at support@drnumb.com

IMPORTANT: This product may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label.

Health care professionals and aestheticians use Dr. Numb® Topical Anesthetic Cream for a number of off-label uses such as medical and cosmetic treatments. Always carefully read the label and heed all directions and cautions. Seek the advice of physician or a qualified health care practitioner prior to its application or use.

Refer to Product Leaflet for more information

How To Apply Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream

  1. Use warm water and soap to wash the target area. It will soften the skin and open up the pores. Pat it dry.
  2. Apply a thick layer of Dr. Numb and rub it evenly into the entire target area. Then apply another thick layer of cream and let it sit on top of the first application.
  3. Cover the area with a plastic film to prevent the cream from drying off. The heat sealed inside the film will facilitate better absorption of the cream into the skin. Wait for the anesthesia to take effect within 45-60 minutes.
  4. Wait time may vary and it could be extended up to 1.5 hours depending on the complexity of procedure. Ensire that the skin is fully numbed before unwrapping the plastic film. Wipe off the excess cream and then start the procedure.