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The Company

Founded in 2008, Shinpharma Inc. is a BC-based Canadian pharmaceuticals company, created with the sole purpose to improve the lives of people by providing top-grade topical anesthetic products. Dr.Numb®, is Shinpharma Inc.’s flagship product, globally recognized as the most trusted and most searched brand of the highest quality topical numbing products.


Shinpharma Inc. either Gives the Best or Nothing. The product development for Dr.Numb® line commenced in 2008 and turned into a continuous process of sophistication, innovation and an ongoing pursuit of perfection. Dr.Numb® mission as brand is bringing the top-grade, most effective formulas to its customers.


Shinpharma Inc. is a dynamic company, responding to the challenges of the international market, scaling its operations to constantly improve the production line and process. For over a decade, Dr.Numb® displayed amazing performance and result while maintaining its resiliency to stay ahead of competition which contributed largely to the steadily growing global presence. Shinpharma Inc. believes that the “world’s biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions.”

As Dr.Numb® was gaining popularity globally, Shinpharma Inc. trademarked the brand to protect its authenticity. The first market that Dr.Numb® entered was Canada, but today the company boasts its expanded reach in 86 countries around the globe, and keeps expanding. Dr.Numb® offers pain management solutions and global business opportunities on international level.

The main goal of Shinpharma Inc. and Dr.Numb® is the improvement of quality of life and the change in perception of pain. The top priority of Dr. Numb® is to consistently provide a second to none customer experience in terms of accessibility, availability, and reliability of products and services. The consistency over the years made Dr. Numb® establish a reputation of being the Most Preferred Brand for Topical Pain Relief.




We believe in innovation and customized solutions for every person with unmet needs for pain relief. Dr.Numb® aims to provide healthcare practitioners with adequate options for topical pain management. Dr.Numb® strives for the highest standard in terms of product quality, integrity and customer service.




Dr.Numb® strives to become the leader in pain management in healthcare industry in order to become the game changer on international market. We want to make an impact and improve the lives of patients all over the world by reducing unnecessary physical pain and discomfort.


Shinpharma Inc. is a Canada pharmaceuticals Distribution and Export company operating under Health Canada Drug Establishment license No. 102276. Shinpharma Inc. is a producer of all its products on its state-of-art facility, located in Richmond, British Columbia.

Dr.Numb® (DIN 02354527) products adhere to regulatory compliance and are registered / authorized for sale by Health Canada and U.S. Food and Drug administrator (FDA) to ensure quality and efficacy.