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10 Tips For Making A Good Piercing Even Better

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jun 30th

10 Tips For Making A Good Piercing Even Better

Whether you want a dermal anchor, barbell piercing or you have already done piercing for some traditional and cultural exposition, it is basically an accepted fact that piercing will hurt. Mainly, there is a method to deal with most of the pain; still, there are a few important things you can follow to assure that you're good piercing experience is even better. After following some good techniques you can even experience infection free piercing.

Here are some of the important tips to make your piercing experience excellent:

1. It is always better to use numbing cream around the area where you are planning to get the piercing. The numbing cream will control your pain receptors so that they are not able to transmit pain indication to your brain.

Dr.Numb ® is the Pioneer in the topical anesthetic cream business and it is an internationally accepted brand for its efficacy and invulnerability.
Why it’s popular:

  • This numbing cream is flawless to use because it is certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • Its impact can persist for up to 60 minutes.
  • It is guaranteed that Dr.Numb® is not at all tested on animals.

Below are steps to apply numbing cream for good piercing:

  • Clean your skin with warm water and soap. Dry the area with a neat towel.
  • Put the first coating of numbing cream using your fingers. Disperse the cream smoothly on the surface of the skin.
  • Spread the second coat of the numbing cream.
  • Wrap the skin area with a plastic cling
  • Lastly, clear away the wrap after one hour and clean the glut

After completion of the above process, you will feel minor or no pain at the time of piercing

2. As a precautionary measure, it is better to advise your piercer to use a needle, instead of a gun. The gun can cause unnecessary injury to the tissue. It is also difficult to handle the sterilization of a gun with plastic components. With a needle, we have more control of efficiency, and it's totally sterile. It leaves minimal damage to the tissue area. It's also a delusion that the gun is less painful. If a needle piercing is done correctly, the pain is minimal.

3. If you have done piercing recently it is better to wash it with a soap and water or salt solution. It is advised not to rub with alcohol two times in a day. Alcohol makes the pierced area moistureless. This may lead to cracks and cause bleeding. It is better to use oily soaps because it softens the wounded tissue.
4. When your pierced area is on the verge of healing and it’s already moist only then you can rotate the earring for the purpose of cleaning.

5. Always be alert to check the signals of healing and understand how much time your wound will require to get healed. Generally, your earlobes will take two to three months to recover, and cartilage area will take about three to ten months to restore.

6. Your enduring power, patience and positive bent of mind will help piercings to heal 100 percent. The body always rejectsalien objects; therefore it’s a bit of a challenge for you. You should have tolerance and be careful in taking care of the pierced area. It is better to use elementary things like soap and water for cleansing, and ice on inflammation. In order to make your good piercing even better, aftercare is important

7. In case your piercing is bugging you, don't get frenzy. If there is too much inflammation, redness, or if your pierced area is emitting fluid, don't worry. Chances are that all these things are not because of infection. Any acknowledged piercer can understand the reason behind it. They will just remove the jewelry from the pierced area. It is better not to consult the doctor immediately. Your piercer should be your first halt if you are a little bit bothered.

8. It is advised not to drink alcohol in excess the night before your piercing procedure. Heavy drinking can thin your blood.

9. It is better not to have a lot of caffeine before getting pierced. Caffeinated drinks will thin your blood and make it harder for blood to clot.

10. One of the best things you can do is to wear loose fitting clothes in the initial stages of piercing. Try to refrain from compact waistbands and hefty belts before navel piercings. Don’t use hair gel or spray before lobes or eyebrow piercings.

Always be ready to have an open communication with your piercers. Keep in mind that they will apparently know what is good for you. It is the duty of a piercer that he has to provide the customer with a secure and clean environment. It is very important for a piercer to be completely informed about the possible hazards and side effects of their procedures and should know the preventive measures that are required to reduce the possibility of infection.