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Dr. Numb® 5% Cream - 30g (DIN)

Dr. Numb® 5% Cream - 30g (DIN)

Introducing Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Numbing Cream, your trusted companion for pain-free experiences. This advanced topical anesthetic cream is specially formulated to provide fast and effective relief from discomfort, making it perfect for a variety of procedures and situations.

Whether you're preparing for a body art session, enduring the occasional waxing session, or seeking relief from minor skin irritations, Dr. Numb's 5% Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream is your go-to solution. A potent 5% lidocaine concentration works swiftly to numb the targeted area, significantly reducing pain and discomfort.

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The key features of Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Numbing Cream include:
Effective, Real Time Heal: Specially formulated for maximum potency, our 100% hypoallergenic, fast-absorbing cream starts working in as little as 15 minutes and lasts anywhere between two and four hours.
Multipurpose Formulation: Dr. Numb® 5% Lidocaine Cream with Vitamin E produces heal or loss of sensation of the skin and its surrounding tissues.
No Oily Feel: Unlike ointments and oil-based alternatives, our fast-absorbing formulation is 100% cream-based for a silky smooth, velvety feel. You'll never have to worry about having oily skin ever again.
Recommended by Professionals: For over a decade, our fast-acting, long-lasting cream has been the choice of healthcare professionals and aestheticians from all over USA & Canada.
Made in Canada: Secured with Child-Resistant Cap, we value your safety. Our fast-absorbing, hypoallergenic cream is 100% safe for your skin and never tested on Animals.
Say goodbye to unnecessary pain and discomfort and welcome a more relaxed and enjoyable experience with Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Numbing Cream. Trust in the proven numbing power of Dr. Numb to make your next procedure or activity virtually pain-free.

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  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredient: Lidocaine 5%

    Inactive Ingredients: Benzyl Alcohol, Carbopol, Lecithin, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Water.

  • Warnings

    For External Use Only When Using This Product:

    Do not put into the rectum by using fingers or any mechanical device or applicator

    Do not use in large quantities, particularly over raw surfaces or blistered areas

    Stop Use And Ask A Doctor If:

    Allergic reaction occurs

    Rectal bleeding occurs

    Redness, irritation, swelling, pain, or other symptoms begin or increase

    Condition worseness or does not improve within 7 days

    Keep Out Of Reach Of Children:

    If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away

  • Additional Informations

    Always keep the tube tightly closed

    Store at temperature not exceeding 15°C – 30°C (59°F – 86°F)

    Protect from freezing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 606 reviews
Not a lot of product, but gets the job done

first off i NEVER leave reviews, but this stuff DESERVES a good review! so here is mine!
I ordered this for my elbow tattoo after looking at multiple different brands, but this had somewhat mixed reviews … i took a chance, i thought well if it only lasts for 2 hours so be it. BUT, it lasted longer then that! I WILL be buying this again and recommending it to literally anyone who will listen to me. it is worth every single cent!! I didn’t even know he was tattooing my elbow - like ON the bone and had 0 clue!!! TOTALLY numb!
preparation & timing is important - first, i’d prep your skin by exfoliating the skin, shave & then apply 45 mins BEFORE your appointment. apply A LOT and don’t rub like lotion into your skin, i literally globbed it on T H I C K and wrapped in saran wrap until my tattoo artist took it off himself. While it sat wrapped up I patted and rubbed the saran wrap to help it absorb into the skin. perfect!!
if you’re looking for a good product - you found it. you’re welcome.

Yes, it works but it wears off quickly

This cream worked like a charm for me during my first tattoo! I opted to get it on my ribs and following other’s instructions (apply a GENEROUS amount of cream to the area about an hour prior to tattoo and wrap with plastic wrap) this cream worked like a charm!! My tattoo was quick but I did not feel ANY pain at all for the first 1/2hr of my tattoo and then the remainder was very manageable. I have been told the ribs are a very sensitive area to have tattooed so I was exceedingly surprised and happy that this took away the worry of it being too painful. Not sure if the longevity of the numbing was due to constant wiping during the tattoo or user error but not sure how well it would work for longer sessions.

Elmo J. Miller
Limited Effect on Deep Pain

Got this for a touch up on the Kirby and the new flowers. The Kirby hurt pretty bad the first time which is why I bought this. I didn’t have high expectations but when he started tattooing I genuinely felt nothing. That lasted about 20 minutes and slowly wore off. The entire numbness lasted about 45 minutes and then I felt everything like normal. I used this for two tattoos in one day. Applying about an hour before the tattoo and wrapped in plastic wrap. I was pleasantly surprised that this worked.

Worked great for 30 to 60 mins

So got it for a chest peice, applied it graciously 30 mins before we started and wrapped it like my artist told me. About an hr after you could start to feel and by 45 mins after it was not effective. But it did work great to get a good start.

Joy M. Winters

Started my sleeve today.Took a shower. Put the DR Numb on my arm. Wrapped my arm in plastic wrap. ( 2 hours before my tattoo appt). Started my tattoo. Didn’t feel anything. This stuff works amazing. It worked so good I was even falling asleep during my tattoo session because it was pain free. I sat for 6 hours. It does start to fade after the 4th hour.