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Prescription Hemorrhoid Cream: 4 Benefits & Possible Risks [Full Explanation]

4 Benefits & Possible Risks of Prescription Hemorrhoid Cream
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Prescription hemorrhoid creams are precisely planned to treat hemorrhoids that cannot be effectively managed with over-the-counter creams. Compared to over-the-counter options, prescription hemorrhoid creams have higher efficacy. These creams help shrink swollen blood vessels and ease symptoms.

This type of cream is specifically formulated to relieve the discomfort and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. It is available only with a prescription from your healthcare provider, making it a highly effective treatment option for those battling this common condition.

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of prescription hemorrhoid cream and how to use it safely and effectively. Whether dealing with mild or severe hemorrhoids, discover why this cream may be the perfect solution.

Key Takeaways

  1. Prescription hemorrhoid creams are topical medications that alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms like itching, inflammation, and pain. They work by reducing inflamed blood vessels and discomfort.
  2. Having a prescription is crucial for safe and effective use of these creams. This ensures correct usage and dosage.
  3. Active ingredients in these creams include hydrocortisone and lidocaine. Hydrocortisone reduces inflammation and swelling, while lidocaine relieves pain.
  4. Because of their stronger active ingredients, these creams are more effective than over-the-counter remedies. They can treat more severe cases, providing faster relief and better efficacy.
  5. Users can consider lifestyle changes such as a high-fiber diet, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, and avoiding prolonged sitting or standing as alternatives to prescription creams.
  6. Over-the-counter remedies, including topical treatments and oral supplements, are also available. These can provide fast relief and may be more affordable than prescription creams.

Prescription Hemorrhoid Creams: Factors to Learn

Prescription Hemorrhoid Cream: What to Learn?

Prescription hemorrhoid creams are topical medications containing corticosteroids and other active ingredients that aim to alleviate symptoms of hemorrhoids, such as itching, inflammation, and pain.

These creams work by shrinking swollen blood vessels, reducing inflammation and discomfort. They are generally prescribed for patients with severe or persistent hemorrhoids and are available in varying strengths. It is important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider when using prescription hemorrhoid creams to avoid adverse effects.

Importance of a Prescription

It is important to have a prescription when using hemorrhoid creams. This ensures that the cream is safe and will not cause adverse reactions. With a prescription, the user may know the correct dosage or how often to apply the cream, leading to effective treatment. Overall, a prescription helps to ensure the proper and safe use of hemorrhoid creams.

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Active Ingredients

Prescription hemorrhoid creams contain potent active ingredients, such as hydrocortisone and lidocaine. Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid that helps reduce inflammation and swelling, while lidocaine is a local anesthetic that relieves pain. These ingredients work together to provide targeted and effective relief for hemorrhoid symptoms.

Effectiveness and Safety

Prescription hemorrhoid numbing creams are generally more effective than over-the-counter remedies due to their stronger and more potent active ingredients. However, following the healthcare provider's instructions and using the cream as directed is essential. It is also important to note that prescription creams may have side effects, including skin thinning and increased risk of infections, and should only be used as directed by a healthcare provider.

Benefits of Prescription Hemorrhoid Creams

Hemorrhoid creams with prescription benefits

There are several benefits that prescription hemorrhoid creams can offer for those dealing with hemorrhoids. Some of the benefits are:

Faster Relief of Symptoms

Prescription hemorrhoid creams have higher concentrations of active ingredients, enabling them to provide faster relief of symptoms such as itching, burning, pain, and inflammation. These creams typically contain corticosteroids, local anesthetics, and vasoconstrictors, which work together to relieve pain and provide soothing comfort quickly.

Better Efficacy

Prescription hemorrhoid creams are known to have higher efficacy compared to over-the-counter creams. This is because they are formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients and are designed to treat more severe cases of hemorrhoids. Prescription creams are also formulated with unique combinations of ingredients that target a broad range of symptoms, which results in better and longer-lasting relief.

Ability to Treat More Severe Cases

Prescription hemorrhoid creams are specifically formulated to treat hemorrhoids that cannot be treated with over-the-counter creams. These creams effectively reduce swelling, pain, and discomfort in severe cases. They also help prevent further irritation and infection, promoting faster healing.

Popular Prescription Hemorrhoid Creams

Many people suffering from hemorrhoid discomfort and pain turn to hemorrhoid creams to relieve them. The market is full of popular hemorrhoid creams. We need to be cautious when selecting one of them. Consider a few things when selecting one of them. Following are some factors we should consider when selecting a popular hemorrhoid cream.

Active Ingredients in Popular Prescription Hemorrhoid Creams

The active ingredients in some of the most popular prescription hemorrhoid creams are listed below.

  • Hydrocortisone: A steroid that reduces inflammation, swelling, and itching in the affected area.
  • Cinchocaine: A local anesthetic cream that numbs the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids.
  • Zinc oxide: A barrier cream that prevents further irritation and promotes healing of the affected area.
  • Bismuth oxide: A mild astringent that helps to shrink swollen tissues.
  • Balsam Peru: A substance that has a soothing effect on the skin and helps to reduce inflammation.
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Recommended Usage for Popular Prescription Hemorrhoid Creams

Consider these suggestions for effectively utilizing commonly prescribed creams for hemorrhoid relief.

  • Apply the cream to the affected area two to three times a day.
  • Wash the affected area with mild soap and warm water before each application.
  • Apply a thin layer of cream to the affected area and gently rub it in.
  • Only use the cream for up to seven days without consulting a healthcare provider.

Possible Side Effects and Risks of Prescription Hemorrhoid Creams

Prescription hemorrhoid creams may carry potential risks and side effects, making their use worthy of careful consideration. Here we'll discuss some of the possible risks and side effects of these creams to help you make an informed decision.

Skin Irritation and Allergic Reactions

Prescription hemorrhoid creams are formulated with chemicals that can cause some users skin irritation or allergic reactions. These side effects can manifest as itching, burning, redness, or swelling in the affected area. In rare cases, they may progress to hives, difficulty breathing, or anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction.

To minimize the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions, users should perform a patch test before applying the cream to their entire perianal area. They should also avoid using the cream with other topical medications or beauty products with similar ingredients. If they experience any adverse effects, they should immediately stop using the numbing cream and consult with their doctor.

Thinning of the Skin

Prolonged use of prescription hemorrhoid creams can cause the skin in the perianal area to become thinner and more fragile. This can increase the risk of skin tears, bleeding, or infection. Some users may also notice discoloration or stretch marks in the affected area.

For maximum protection against skin thinning, users should follow the dosage and duration recommendations their doctor prescribes. It is also recommended that they avoid using the cream in excess or applying it to areas larger than the affected site. If they notice any abnormal changes in their skin, they should consult their doctor.

Interaction with Other Medications

Hemorrhoid Cream Side Effects and Risks, including Interactions with Other Drugs

Prescription numbing hemorrhoid creams can interact with other medications or supplements and cause adverse effects. For example, some creams, such as warfarin or aspirin, may increase the risk of bleeding if used with blood thinners. Others may interact with antibiotics, antifungal drugs, or immunosuppressants.

Users should inform their doctor or pharmacist about all the medications, supplements, or herbal products they are using before starting to use the cream. Furthermore, they should not use the cream without medical advice if they take prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Importance of Balancing Benefits and Risks

While prescription hemorrhoid creams can effectively relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, they also carry some risks and side effects, as discussed above. Users need to balance the benefits and risks of using these creams and discuss their concerns and expectations with their doctor. Some factors that may affect this balance include:

  • The severity and duration of the symptoms.
  • The underlying cause and type of hemorrhoids.
  • The user's medical history and allergies.
  • The user's current medications and supplements.
  • The user's lifestyle and daily activities.

Users should also follow the instructions and precautions provided by their doctor or on the cream label, such as washing their hands before and after application, avoiding contact with eyes or mucous membranes, and using an applicator or finger cot instead of bare fingers. By doing so, they can maximize the benefits of the cream and minimize the risks of side effects.

Alternatives to Prescription Hemorrhoid Creams

Dealing with hemorrhoids doesn't always require prescription creams, despite them being the most widely used solution. Instead of jumping straight to prescription creams, you can consider other options that may be more effective. We will delve into those alternatives for you so that you can make the best choice, weighing their pros and cons.

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Lifestyle Changes

It is crucial to recognize the significance of lifestyle adjustments as a more sustainable long-term treatment for hemorrhoids. Dietary modifications and exercise can offer relief without relying on prescription creams or medications.

  • Eating a high-fiber diet: Fiber can soften your stool and make it easier to pass. This can reduce the pressure and irritation on your hemorrhoids. Some fiber-rich foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts.
  • Drinking plenty of water: Water can also help soften your stool and prevent constipation. Aim for at least eight glasses of water a day.
  • Exercising regularly: Physical activity can improve blood circulation and prevent blood from pooling in your veins. It can also help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid straining during bowel movements. Try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting or standing: Sitting or standing for too long can increase the pressure on your veins and worsen your hemorrhoids. Try to change your position every hour or so. If you have to sit long, use a cushion or pillow to support your bottom.

Advantages of Lifestyle Changes

Find long-lasting relief from hemorrhoids without resorting to prescription creams or medications. Keep healthier with a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other medical problems. Not only will you avoid doctor visits and prescriptions, but you will also save money and time.

Disadvantages Lifestyle Changes

Achieving results from hemorrhoid treatments can be challenging and arduous, requiring a lot of commitment and discipline. It should be noted that these treatments do not always provide immediate relief from hemorrhoid symptoms.

Over-the-counter Remedies

Rather than relying on a prescription for hemorrhoid suppositories, there are alternative over-the-counter remedies to consider. Topical treatments and oral supplements are both potential options that could be explored.

  • Topical treatments: Many topical treatments that do not require a prescription are available. These treatments come in various forms, such as creams, ointments, and suppositories. Ingredients to look for in these treatments include witch hazel, hydrocortisone, and lidocaine.
  • Oral Supplements: Oral supplements such as psyllium husk have been shown to alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms by promoting regular bowel movements.
  • Non-prescription hemorrhoid creams: Topical treatments that can be applied directly to the anus are non-prescription hemorrhoid creams. They are effective in reducing inflammation, itching, and pain. Ingredients such as witch hazel, hydrocortisone, and lidocaine are commonly found in these creams.

Advantages Over-the-counter Remedies

Hemorrhoid cream alternatives and advantages over-the-counter remedies

Over-the-counter treatments can provide fast relief and are available without a prescription.
These treatments are typically more affordable than prescription creams.

Disadvantages Over-the-counter Remedies

Using hemorrhoid creams may lead to various side effects, including burning, itching, and allergic reactions. They may also interact with other medicines you are taking and sometimes mask the underlying cause of your hemorrhoids.

There are many alternatives to prescription hemorrhoid creams available. Lifestyle changes and over-the-counter remedies can all provide relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. Each option has advantages and disadvantages; it is important to discuss them with a healthcare professional to determine the best course of action for your case.


In conclusion, prescription hemorrhoid cream provides a valuable treatment option for those suffering from hemorrhoids. With its immediate relief, preventative measures, and ability to work with other treatments, it offers an excellent solution to those in need.

Several types of prescription hemorrhoid cream are available, each serving a different purpose, so consult your healthcare provider to choose the best option. By using prescription hemorrhoid cream as directed, you can find relief from the discomfort and pain associated with hemorrhoids and return to living your life to the fullest.

Our recommended Product - Dr. Numb® 5% Lidocaine Cream - 30g
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  • Does the hemorrhoid cream contain allergens (e.g., local anesthetics, corticosteroids, vasoconstrictors)?

    Certain hemorrhoid creams contain ingredients that may induce allergic reactions in some individuals. These include local anesthetics such as lidocaine or benzocaine, corticosteroids like hydrocortisone or betamethasone, and vasoconstrictors like phenylephrine or ephedrine.

    Those with a history of allergic reactions to these substances should avoid hemorrhoid creams that contain them and carefully examine their cream labels. It is also advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.

    Hemorrhoid cream allergy symptoms may manifest as itching, swelling, rash, redness, burning, or blistering around the anal or rectal areas. If such reactions occur, discontinue cream use immediately and seek prompt medical help.

  • How To Apply Hemorrhoid Cream Internally Without Applicator?

    To apply hemorrhoid cream internally without an applicator, follow these steps:

    • Clean Your Hands: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before applying the cream. Hand hygiene is essential for preventing the spread of bacteria.
    • Squeeze a Small Cream: Use your fingertip to squeeze some hemorrhoid cream onto your skin. Don't use more than a pea-sized amount.
    • Insert Your Finger: Gently insert your finger into the rectum and apply the cream to the internal hemorrhoid area. Be gentle and avoid causing any discomfort.

  • Should Hemorrhoids Be The Only Anorectal Condition Treated With This Cream?

    No, hemorrhoids are not the only anorectal condition that can be treated with hemorrhoid cream. Hemorrhoid cream can also help relieve symptoms of other conditions such as anal fissures, pruritus ani (itchy anus), and proctitis (rectum inflammation).

  • Do You Have To Restrict Your Daily Activities While Using Hemorrhoid Cream?

    No, you must not limit your daily activities when using hemorrhoid cream. You can continue with your normal routine if you follow the instructions on how to use the cream and how often to apply it.

  • How To Apply Hemorrhoid Cream With Fingers

    Apply hemorrhoid ointment to your gloved fingertip. Apply the medicine lying down or sitting, inserting 1-2 cm of the hemorrhoid medicine into the anus. Wait 5 - 20 minutes for the medicine to dry.

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