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Are Fat Dissolving Injections Painful: 8 Tips & 8 Factors Affect [Explained]

8 Tips and 8 Factors Affect Fat Dissolving Injection Pain[Explained]
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The effects of fat dissolving injections are rare. But sometimes, the transferred fat may injure the skin over the site, resulting in skin and surrounding tissue damage. This may cause scarring or disfigurement and need surgery to repair.

It is unlikely that you will feel much pain during the procedure. Fat-dissolving injections are ‌not painful, with most people reporting only mild discomfort or stiffness at the injection.

In this blog post, we'll explore whether dissolving injections is painful, tips to minimize pain, factors affecting pain levels, precautions before getting injections, and risks and side effects.

Are Fat Dissolving Injections Painful: 8 Tips to Minimize It

8 Tips to Minimize Pain from Fat Dissolving Injections

Enhance the patient experience by reducing discomfort and pain during fat-dissolving injections. Minimizing pain boosts confidence and eases anxiety. Let's explore steps to reduce pain during the procedure.

  • Numbing Creams: You can apply a topical cream such as Dr. Numb skin numbing cream or gel to the target area before the injection to help reduce the pain sensation. Follow the instructions of the cream and consult your provider if you have any concerns.
  • Cold Compress: After the injection, ice packs or cold compresses can soothe the area and reduce swelling. Wrap the compress with a clean cloth or use a barrier to avoid direct contact with the skin.
  • Distractions: During the injection, you can distract yourself by listening to music, watching a video, or focusing on breathing. This can help you relax and shift your attention away from the needle and the pain.
  • Pain Medication: If you have a low pain tolerance or expect significant pain, use pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen before or after the injection. Avoid taking aspirin or blood thinners that may increase bleeding or bruising risk.
  • Ice the Treatment Area: Applying ice to the treatment area for a few minutes before the injection can help numb the area and reduce pain.
  • Relax and Breathe: During the procedure, remaining calm and taking slow and deep breaths is essential. The process can be made more comfortable.
  • Choose an Experienced Practitioner: An experienced practitioner with a steady hand can help minimize pain during the injection. Therefore, choosing a reputable, experienced provider for your fat-dissolving treatment is recommended.
  • Body Positioning: To minimize pain, your provider may recommend a specific body positioning during the injection. For example, sitting up straight or lying down flat can help to reduce discomfort.
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Fat-Dissolving Injections: 8 Factors Affecting Pain

Fat-dissolving injections are ‌well-tolerated, but the level of discomfort can vary widely depending on several factors. We will explore the factors that affect pain during fat-dissolving injections.

Patient's Pain Threshold

Pain threshold is a crucial factor in fat-dissolving injections. Patients experience pain differently, with discomfort levels varying. Burning or stinging sensations may be felt during treatment. The area being treated also affects the level of discomfort.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

8 factors affecting pre-treatment preparation for fat-dissolving injections

Preparation is vital for pain-free fat-dissolving injections. Aspirin and ibuprofen should not be taken before treatment to reduce bruising risk. Hydration is crucial for effective fat elimination.

Post-Treatment Care

Proper aftercare is essential for minimizing post-fat dissolving injection discomfort. Swelling, bruising, and tenderness may occur. Follow your doctor's pain relief instructions, use cold compresses, and take prescribed pain medication. Avoid strenuous activities initially to prevent complications.

Injection Site

Pain from fat-dissolving injections varies by site. Sensitive areas (face, neck, underarms) hurt more than thicker-skinned regions (stomach, thighs). Discuss injection sites with your injector beforehand.


The dosage of an injection can affect a patient's pain during and after the procedure. Higher dosages are usually linked to more pain. Patients must consult their injectors and understand the correlation between dosage and pain.

Type of Injection Solution

Fat-dissolving injections can affect pain levels. Some solutions may cause discomfort, like burning or stinging. Consult your injector to choose a compatible solution depending on your skin type and tolerance for pain.

Skill Level of Injector

The injector's skill is vital for precise and comfortable procedures. Opt for an experienced injector with a successful track record to minimize pain and discomfort during fat-dissolving injections.

Patient's Pain Tolerance

Patients have different levels of pain tolerance. Some have a high threshold for pain, while others may be more sensitive. The patient should communicate their level of pain tolerance to their injectors to ensure that the procedure is tailored to their needs and preferences.

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4 Precautions Before Getting Fat-Dissolving Injections

If you're considering getting fat-dissolving injections, you should know the precautions you must take beforehand. Here are some things you should know before undergoing the procedure:

Consultation with a Dermatologist

A dermatologist should be consulted before fat-dissolving injections. Dermatologists can determine whether you're a suitable candidate for the course. The process can also be explained regarding risk and benefit, realistic expectations, and complications.

Disclose Medical History

It's important to disclose your medical history to your dermatologist before getting fat-dissolving injections. You may not be a suitable candidate for the procedure if you have an account of blood disorders, liver problems, or allergies. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid getting the injections.

Avoid Alcohol and Blood Thinners

Before getting fat-dissolving injections, avoid taking alcohol and blood thinners like aspirin. These substances can increase your risk of bruising and bleeding during the injection procedure, which can cause prolonged recovery time and increased discomfort.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

On the day of your injection procedure, wear loose, comfortable clothing that's easy to remove. Consider wearing a dress that allows access to the treatment area, such as shorts, if you're getting injections in your thighs.

5 Side Effects and Risks of Fat Dissolving Injections

5 Fat Dissolving Injection Risks And Side Effects

Fat-dissolving injections are safe. Still, patients must know the potential risks and side effects. Patients can make informed decisions and achieve optimal outcomes by comprehensively understanding the procedure.


Swelling is a common side effect of fat-dissolving injections. It's a sign that the treatment is working, though it can be uncomfortable. Practitioners recommend following post-treatment instructions, including applying ice to minimize swelling.


Bruising can occur as a reaction to fat-dissolving injections. The injection process can break tiny blood vessels, causing temporary bruising. Applying a cold compress can help minimize bruising.


Some patients may experience nausea after fat-dissolving injections. This is more common when larger quantities of the solution are injected. Nausea can be treated with over-the-counter anti-nausea medication or by resting and staying hydrated.


Like any medical procedure, fat-dissolving injections carry an infection risk. Choosing a qualified practitioner and following pre- and post-treatment instructions can minimize this risk. Symptoms of infection include redness, swelling, pain, or pus at the injection site. Symptoms such as these deserve immediate medical attention.

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Nerve Damage

Fat-dissolving injections can also potentially cause nerve damage, although this is rare. After treatment, patients should inform their practitioner of numbness, tingling, or unusual sensations in the targeted area. Practitioners should avoid injecting into areas of the body where nerves are highly concentrated.


Fat-dissolving injections have revolutionized the cosmetic industry by providing quick results with little to no downtime. While undergoing the treatment, patients may experience mild discomfort, but it is nothing that cannot be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

The discomfort felt is a good sign that the injection is working to break down the fat cells. Fat-dissolving injections offer an excellent option for achieving their desired body shape without surgical procedures.

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  • Who Should Not Get Fat Dissolving?

    Fat-dissolving injections shouldn't be given to people who have an infection in the treatment area, have or plan to have surgery, have cosmetic treatments on the face, neck, or chin, have a medical condition in or near the neck area, or have trouble sleeping.

  • Who Cannot Have Fat Dissolving Injections?

    You should be able to get Fat Dissolving Injections if you're healthy. Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn't take them. People with lipodystrophy or immunocompromised for any reason, including type 1 diabetes, shouldn't take it.

  • What Is the Most Painful Injection Site?

    Injections in sensitive areas like the hand and sole are believed to cause increased discomfort because of the high concentration of nerve endings. This makes these regions more sensitive during medical procedures involving injections.

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