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Microblading Eyebrows: Long-Term 6 Undesirable & 2 Desirable Effect

Undesirable and desirable long-term effects of microblading eyebrows
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A pair of perfectly shaped brows that last up to two years is impossible to resist. But its long-term effects and possible risks are rarely discussed.

If you microblade your brows long-term, you may get infections, allergies, and misshapen brows that don't heal overnight. You should be aware of some potential risks and long-term effects. Despite the immediate cosmetic results, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that will eventually fade.

In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into the long-term effects and risks associated with microblading and what you need to know before going under the blade. Now let's sit back, grab a coffee, and begin.

Long-Term Effects of Microblading Eyebrows: 6 Undesirable

A look at the long-term effects of microblading eyebrows [Overview]

Let's discover the effects of microblading eyebrows over time in this comprehensive overview. This popular cosmetic procedure has both desirable and undesirable outcomes. Before you decide to microblade your eyebrows, gain valuable insight.

Allergic reactions

Microblading pigments are made of organic and inorganic ingredients, and specific individuals may develop an allergic reaction to the ink. The symptoms of an allergic reaction can range from mild irritation, redness, and itching to more severe conditions such as swelling or anaphylaxis.

Infection risks

The microblading procedure involves breaking the skin barrier, and as such, there is a risk of bacterial or viral infection. This risk is higher when the system is performed in unsanitary settings or by untrained or unlicensed personnel. Symptoms of the disease may include redness, pus, and fever.

The Scarring Process

Scarring is a common side effect of microblading. This is because the procedure involves creating shallow incisions on the skin to deposit the pigment. Scarring may occur even though the cuts are superficial. A result is bumpy or raised skin around the eyebrows, dramatically affecting appearance.

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Color Change

Microblading results typically last for years, but their color may change. Sun exposure, body chemistry, and even dye quality can cause this. A few years after having brown microbladed brows, individuals may notice their brows turning red or orange.

Strokes Merged or Blurred

The strokes may blur or merge after microblading, resulting in an unnatural look since microblading ink can diffuse over time since it is absorbed into the skin. Combining strokes can also happen if the technician isn't experienced or the procedure isn't done right.

Pigment Residues After 2 Years

A microblading treatment should be maintained just like any other beauty treatment. A touch-up is typically required to refresh the pigment. When microbladed eyebrows are not touched up regularly, pigment residues and uneven colors may develop. There can be a strange appearance and unexpected results due to this.

Desirable Effects of Eyebrow Microblading

The benefits of long-term eyebrow microblading

We will dive into the long-term effects of microblading, discussing the desirable outcomes of the procedure and the fading process, which plays a significant role in maintaining the look.

Up to 2 Years of Dream Brows

One of the most noticeable benefits of microblading is that the stunning eyebrows created can last up to 2 years. This prolonged effect of microblading gives individuals the convenience of not having to fill in their eyebrows constantly with cosmetics. Some of the long-term desirable impacts of microblading eyebrows include the following:

The Long-Lasting Effect of Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses a manual tool to create hair-like strokes mimicking natural brow hairs. Microblading uses pigments carefully selected to match each client's hair color, skin tone, and personal preferences. Most clients enjoy the results for up to 2 years with this technique.

Avoid Constant Eyebrow Filling

Microblading has the advantage of saving time and effort in daily makeup routines. Sparse or uneven eyebrows require brow pencils, powders, or gels to fill in. Natural-looking microblading doesn't require daily maintenance.

Fuller Eyebrows

Microblading has revolutionized the beauty industry and has become an effective solution for individuals who desire fuller-looking eyebrows. The technique allows for precise, hair-like strokes that fill in sparse areas and create a more defined brow shape. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, microblading results in a natural-looking finish that enhances the beauty of the face.

A fading effect

After the initial microblading session, brows appear darker and more prominent than after healing. The eyebrow color will take weeks to fade into a natural-looking finish. The process of fading is natural and has its benefits. The following are some reasons why disappearing is desirable:

  • Softer natural look: Microblading pigment gradually fades over time. The fading process gives the individual a smoother, more natural-looking result.
  • Gradual fading: You can refresh your eyebrows without any additional treatments with gradual fading. Shapes and colors can also be tweaked over time to suit your tastes.
  • Slow down or speed up the fading process: Fading can be slowed down or accelerated by several factors, including individual skin types, lifestyles, and skincare routines. By avoiding direct sunlight, using sunscreen, and following aftercare instructions, you can extend the life of your microbladed eyebrows.

Effects of Microblading in the Long Term: Aftercare and Maintenance

Aftercare and maintenance of microblading in the long term

Let's identify the long-term impacts of microblading and learn the significance of aftercare and maintenance.

Proper Aftercare

After a microblading procedure, the aftercare process is crucial for the desired long-term effects. Proper aftercare includes:

  • You should avoid using makeup on your eyebrows for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Regularly apply ointment for the first week. Keeping the area hydrated will reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  • You should avoid excessive sun exposure and swimming for several weeks to avoid fading.
  • The treated areas should not be scratched or picked.
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Tips for Maintaining the Appearance

As the results of microblading are semi-permanent, maintaining its appearance is crucial. Some tips for maintaining the appearance of microbladed eyebrows include:

  • Exfoliators and facial scrubs should not be used around the eyebrows.
  • Use a mild cleanser to remove makeup, and avoid harsh chemicals when washing your face.
  • You should apply sunscreen to the eyebrow area to prevent fading.
  • Moisture will keep the site hydrated and encourage hair growth.


Microblading can provide incredible, long-lasting results for those seeking natural-looking, fuller brows. It's essential to consider the procedure's desirable and undesirable long-term effects. You can reduce the chances of unwanted effects by following proper aftercare and maintenance after microblading.

As with any cosmetic procedure, weighing the pros and cons is imperative, so research and choose a reputable microblading artist before committing to the procedure.

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  • Are there eyebrow microblading effect pens available?

    There are eyebrow microblading effect pens available on the market. Microbladed eyebrows can be created using these pens without the pain or commitment of the actual procedure. The fine tip mimics the appearance of tiny, hair-like strokes, so you can quickly fill in and shape your brows with them.

  • How are powder-effect eyebrows and microblading different?

    The powder-effect eyebrow and microblading techniques are both popular techniques for enhancing eyebrows. The powder-effect eyebrow uses a cosmetic tattoo machine with a soft, powdered look instead of microblading, which creates hair-like strokes.

    Powder-effect eyebrows look more dramatic, defined, while microblading creates a natural, realistic look. Microblading typically requires more upkeep as the strokes fade over time, while powder-effect eyebrows can last up to two years.

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