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When Can I Wash My Eyebrows After Microblading: 6 Tips [10 Days]

6 Tips & When To Wash My Eyebrows After Microblading
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The good news is that you can start lightly cleaning your eyebrows with a ,gentle and mild cleanser or an antibacterial soap, such as a gentle shampoo or soap, after a minimum of 48 hours.

You should not get your eyebrows wet during the, healing or scabbing process. Water will loosen and ,lighten the pigment, not allowing the microblading to remain in the skin as intended. It's important to avoid using harsh exfoliants, astringents, and alcohol as they may damage the sensitive area.

This blog post will show you how to wash your face after microblading correctly and when it is safe. We will also discuss what facial treatments to avoid after getting brows microbladed and the risks of cleaning them too soon. Maintaining your microbladed brows requires proper care, and we're here to teach you how.

When Can I Wash My Eyebrows After Microblading: 6 Tips

Tips for Washing Your Eyebrows After Microblading

Let's dive into the tips and tricks for washing your eyebrows after microblading. Learn how to take good care of your brows after the treatment to keep them looking gorgeous for a long time. Get ready for those beautiful and long-lasting results.

    • Wait before washing: It's essential to wait at least 24 hours after microblading before washing your eyebrows. This gives your skin enough time to heal and ensures the pigment remains intact.
    • Use gentle products: Avoid harsh soaps or exfoliants when washing your eyebrows, as these can irritate the skin and cause the pigment to fade. Instead, use a mild, unscented cleanser or an antibacterial soap recommended by your microblading artist.
    • Gently rinse and pat dry: When washing your eyebrows, rinse them gently with lukewarm water, making sure not to rub or scrub them. After rinsing, pat them dry with a clean towel or paper towel, being careful not to pull or tug at the skin.
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  • Apply aftercare ointment: Once your eyebrows are dry, it's crucial to apply the aftercare ointment recommended by your microblading artist. This helps to keep the skin moisturized and prevent infection.
  • Avoid getting your eyebrows wet: For the first 10  days after microblading, it's essential to avoid getting your eyebrows wet. This includes sweating, swimming, or other activities that may cause your eyebrows to get wet.
  • Use lukewarm water: When rinsing your eyebrows, use lukewarm water and avoid high-pressure water, such as a showerhead. This can cause the scabs to come off prematurely, resulting in patchy or faded results.

Eyebrow Washing After Microblading: 1st to 10th Day [Guidelines]

Washing your eyebrows after microblading on the first day

You should wash your eyebrows after microblading for the first five to ten days following the procedure. Microblading is best cleaned within the first ten days after the process. Proper care is essential for successful healing and long-lasting results.

First-Day Brow Washing

The first day after your eyebrows are microbladed, avoid water as much as possible. Wet eyebrows can cause pigment loss, affecting the longevity of your treatment. During the first 24 hours following microblading, keep these things in mind:

  • Sweating, swimming, or any activity that causes excessive sweating should be avoided.
  • Keep your face away from hot showers or steam baths.
  • Be sure to keep your eyebrows dry at all times.
  • To clean your eyebrows, use a damp cotton swab instead of water.

Washing Your Microbladed Brows from Days 2-10

You can wash your eyebrows after the first day to remove excess fluids, blood, or ointment. These guidelines will help you pass the 2-10 days of microblading:

  • Make sure your eyebrows are clean before touching them.
  • To remove excess fluid or ointment, gently rinse your eyebrows with lukewarm water.
  • Apply a small amount of aftercare ointment to your eyebrows without too much pressure.
  • You should pat your eyebrows dry instead of rubbing them.
  • Your microblading may fade over time if you use regular face wash or soap on them. Your microblading artist may recommend a mild, fragrance-free cleanser to use instead.
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Risks of Washing Your Microbladed Brows Too Soon

Discover the risks of prematurely washing your microbladed brows. Avoid potential complications and ensure the best results for your eyebrows. Here are some potential dangers:


The microblading procedure creates minor cuts in the skin, which makes washing your eyebrows soon afterward a health risk for infection. The manifestations of the disease include swelling, redness, and pus.

Loss of Pigment

The risks of washing your microbladed eyebrows is loss of pigment

The pigment used in microblading is prone to fading if washed too soon, and the pigmentation may be affected. Therefore, we recommend not cleaning your eyebrows 1 to 2 days after the procedure.

Risk of Scar Formation

Microbladed skin can become infected with bacteria if you wash it too soon, and the cuts may open back up, resulting in scarring. You should wait 24 hours before washing your eyebrows to let your skin heal.

Longer Healing Time

You can prolong the healing process of your microbladed brows by washing them too soon after completion. Recovery usually takes 2 weeks, and avoiding water during the first three to four days can speed up the process.

Excessive Scabbing

You may experience some scabbing in the days following your microblading appointment, even though it is a semi-permanent makeup solution. Washing your eyebrows can prevent skin that is too dry or flaky. If you overwash, your skin will scab, taking longer to heal.


Your appearance and self-confidence can be transformed with microbladed brows. Taking care of them and paying attention to them is essential. A part of proper aftercare is knowing when to wash your brows after microblading and how to do it properly.

You don't want to pass them too soon because that can lead to infection, scarring, and excessive scabbing. You will have stunning eyebrows that will have people envious for months to come if you follow these tips and guidelines. You must be patient and diligent when caring for your microbladed eyebrows.

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  • Can I Wash My Hair After Microblading My Eyebrows?

    You should keep your eyebrows dry for the first seven to ten days following microblading. This means that you shouldn't wash your hair in the shower during this period. To protect your eyebrows, use dry shampoo or a shower cap. Your eyebrows can be washed after a few days but don't rub them too hard.

  • How Do You Protect Newly Microbladed Eyebrows in the Shower?

    Wear a plastic visor to protect your eyes. A small amount of money can be spent on one, which you can use throughout your healing process. To protect your eyebrows from the steam in the shower, apply a thin layer of a recommended healing balm and wipe it off afterward.

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