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How To Hide A Lip Piercing: 11 Techniques & 7 Aftercare

Lip Piercing Hide: 11 Techniques & 4 Best Methods [With 7 Healing and Aftercare]
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People struggle to express their individuality through body art yet also handle the challenges of navigating social and professional expectations of body art when expressing their individuality.

To hide a lip piercing, use a retainer. Retainers come in different colors and flesh tones, are smaller than studs, and keep the piercing hole filled and hidden.

In this article, we will explore the best techniques and methods for concealing lip piercings, including the optimal use of retainers. Will also explore post-piercing care and healing techniques.

How To Hide A Lip Piercing: 11 Techniques

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Concealing a lip piercing may hold significance for diverse situations, professional settings, special occasions, or choices. Luckily, many effective strategies exist to hide your lip piercing, as required discreetly. By honing these approaches, you can effortlessly adjust your look while continuing to embrace your piercing.

Choosing the Optimal Location

The location of your piercing is crucial in how easy it will be to conceal. Here are some points to remember:

  • Inner Lip Piercing: This location is perfect for those seeking to conceal their piercing discreetly. Situated inside the mouth, it stays out of sight unless intentionally revealed. This hidden placement offers a unique way to showcase your piercing only when desired.
  • Lowbret Piercing: Positioned below the lower lip, a labret piercing is a versatile choice for body modification enthusiasts. Its discreet location allows for easy concealment with makeup or subtle adjustments in speech and facial expressions.
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Selecting Suitable Jewelry

The type of jewelry you choose can significantly impact how noticeable your piercing is. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Clear or Flesh-Colored Jewelry: Clear studs or retainers can hide your piercing. They're almost invisible and perfect for situations where you must keep your piercing a secret.
  • Small and Thin Jewelry: Smaller, thinner jewelry pieces are less likely to draw attention than larger, more vivid details.

Styling Tips to Divert Attention

Attention-Diverting Styling Tips

There are ways to style yourself to divert attention from your piercing:

  • Lipstick: Use bold lipstick to draw attention away from your piercing and onto your lips.
  • Facial Hair: Growing facial hair can help cover up a lower lip piercing for men.
  • Strategic Hairstyling: Depending on the location of your lip piercing, certain hairstyles might help conceal it. Long bangs or loose waves can cover a lip piercing.
  • Use a Band-Aid: This is a last resort and should only be used on completely healed piercings. A small, flesh-colored band-aid can cover the piercing, but it might draw more attention than the piercing itself.

Using Makeup to Cover Your Piercing

For concealing piercings, makeup can be a significant change. Knowing how to use makeup effectively is key for a professional setting or a special occasion. Discover the art of concealing your piercings with makeup and enhance your looks seamlessly.

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Here are some tips:

  • Concealer: Apply concealer appropriate for your skin tone to the area around the piercing. This can help blend the piercing with your skin.
  • Foundation: After applying concealer, use a foundation to even out your skin tone and further hide the piercing.
  • Setting Powder: Conclude by applying setting powder to secure your makeup in place and keep your piercing discreet.

Hide Lip Piercings With Retainers: 4 Methods

Retainers are the unsung heroes of the piercing world. As we delve into what they are and how they work, we'll dissect the benefits and compromises of these clever little tools. Discover why some swear by retainers for a temporary piercing transformation while others find that their presence can be more conspicuous than the initial jewelry.

Defining 'Retainers' in Piercings

A definition of 'retainers' in piercings

In body modifications, 'Retainers' refer to a specific type of jewelry less noticeable than traditional metal pieces. Made from non-reactive materials like bioplast or PTFE, retainers are typically clear or flesh-toned, making them blend more easily with your skin.

Concealing Lip Piercings with Retainers

Because of their distinctive characteristics, retainers can help conceal piercings on the lips.


Retainers come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your lip piercing.


As previously mentioned, retainers, usually transparent or flesh-colored, blend seamlessly with your skin tone, effectively reducing the visibility of the piercing.

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Retainers are discreet and subtle. Unlike regular piercing jewelry, they do not possess the glimmer and shine that typically attract attention. Retainers offer a more understated and low-key option for those seeking a more inconspicuous look.


As they're made from flexible materials, retainers can be more comfortable to wear than metal jewelry, especially when sleeping or eating.

Pros and Cons of Using Retainers

As with any solution, there are advantages and disadvantages to using retainers to hide your lip piercing.


  • Maintains Piercing: Retainers keep the piercing open, preventing it from closing up when you remove your regular jewelry.
  • Invisibility: The primary benefit of using retainers is their ability to make piercings less visible.
  • Non-reactive Material: Retainers are ‌safe for most people as they're made from hypoallergenic materials.
  • Affordability: Retainers are relatively inexpensive compared to other piercing jewelry types.


  • Durability: Retainers may not last as long as metal jewelry because of their material composition.
  • Allergic Reactions: While rare, some people might still have allergic reactions to the material used in retainers.
  • Visibility: Despite being less noticeable, retainers are not entirely invisible and may still be seen upon closer inspection.

Reduction of Piercing Visibility: 7 Healing and Aftercare

7 Healing and Aftercare Tips to Reduce Piercing Visibility

The healing process and aftercare of a lip piercing play a crucial role in its visibility. Proper care can expedite healing and make the piercing easier to conceal. Here's what you need to know.

Speeding Up the Healing Process

Discover practical strategies to speed up the healing process discreetly with these tips:

  • Clean Regularly: Use a simple saline solution twice daily to keep it clean and promote faster healing.
  • Avoid Touching: Don't touch your piercing with dirty hands. Bacteria can be introduced, and the healing process can be slowed down.
  • Eat Carefully: Avoid spicy foods that irritate your piercing and slow healing.
  • Rest: Your body heals while you sleep, so get plenty of rest.

The Importance of Aftercare

Proper aftercare is critical in reducing the visibility of your lip piercing:

  • Prevents Infection: Good aftercare practices help prevent infection, which can make your piercing more noticeable.
  • Reduces Swelling: Effective aftercare can reduce swelling, making the piercing less prominent.
  • Promotes Faster Healing: When the piercing heals quickly, it becomes easier to hide or blend with the rest of your face.
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Navigating the balance between personal expression and societal norms can be tricky, especially concerning body modifications like lip piercings. However, as our guide has shown, it's possible to have a lip piercing and hide it when necessary.

You can enjoy your piercing privately while presenting a more conventional appearance in public by choosing the right piercing location, selecting unobtrusive jewelry, using makeup wisely, and ensuring proper aftercare.

Remember, it's your body; you can express yourself however you see fit. So enjoy your lip piercing, whether on full display or our little secret.

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    To maintain an open labret piercing, apply a silicone concealer or special effects makeup in your skin tone to cover the flat end.

    This technique not only conceals the piercing but also prevents it from closing. Remember, performing this only when your labret piercing has completely healed is crucial.

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