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What Size Nose Ring Hoop Should I Get: 3 Mistakes [Common]

5 Steps & 3 Factors to Determine What Size Nose Ring Hoop to Get
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A versatile nose hoop collection with sizes and piercing options accommodates a range of preferences (5-12mm). Choose from delicate to more prominent styles and find your perfect fit.

A ring piece on your nose may sound enticing, but some piercers recommend against it. The ring should be snug to the nose during the initial healing process so swelling and discharge aren't allowed to build up.

In this blog post, we'll guide you on how to measure the size of your nose ring hoop correctly, factors to consider when selecting a nose ring hoop size, common mistakes to avoid, and more tips on making the right choice.

What Size Nose Ring Hoop Should I Get: 5 Steps

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When buying a nose ring, one of the main concerns is getting the correct size. You wouldn't want to end up with a nose ring that's too tight or loose, causing discomfort or even falling out. That's why measuring your nose ring hoop size correctly is crucial. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Get a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper. A soft video works better because it can wrap around your nose more accurately.
  2. Stand in front of a mirror and tilt your head slightly forward. This will give you a better view of your nose from different angles.
  3. Wrap the measuring tape around the thinnest part of your nostril. This is usually the spot just above your nostril where the skin is the most flexible.
  4. Take note of the measurement. If you're using a paper strip, mark the spot where the strip overlaps and measure it against a ruler.
  5. To find out your nose ring size, try a few sizes at a store or order online and return the ones that don't fit.
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Use this chart to determine your nose ring size:

★ If your measurement is between 6mm and 8mm, your hoop size should be 7mm.
★ If your measurement is between 9mm and 11mm, your hoop size should be 9mm.
★ If your measurement is between 12mm and 14mm, your hoop size should be 11mm.
★ If your measurement is between 15mm and 17mm, your hoop size should be 13mm.

Tips for Buying Nose Rings Online:

  • Check the product description and customer reviews for information on the size and fit of the nose ring.
  • Look for shops with a good return policy to ensure you can exchange or return an ill-fitting nose ring.
  • Consider buying adjustable nose rings that can fit various sizes, especially if you're a newbie to nose piercings.

Nose Ring Hoop Size: 3 Factors to Consider

You should consider several factors when selecting the perfect nose ring hoop. We will explore some of these factors to help you make an informed decision.

The Shape and Size of Your Nose

A Nose Ring Hoop Size Is Determined by the Shape and Size of Your Nose

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a nose ring hoop size is its shape and size. This includes the width of your nostrils, the height of your nose bridge, and even the angle of your nose.

  • A small hoop would be more suitable if you have a small nose, as a larger one may overwhelm your features.
  • Those with a broader nose should opt for a larger hoop size to complement their facial features better.
  • The height and angle of the nose bridge also play a role in determining the appropriate nose ring size.
  • A nose ring hoop size that complements your unique nose shape and size can enhance your appearance and create a more balanced look.

The Type of Nose Piercing You Have

You should also consider your nose piercing type when choosing your nose ring hoop size.

  • A nostril piercing typically requires a smaller hoop size than a septum piercing.
  • Septum piercings, on the other hand, can accommodate larger hoop sizes due to their placement and flexibility.
  • The type of jewelry you choose also impacts the hoop size; for instance, some nose rings require a specific hoop size to fit them properly and avoid discomfort.
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Personal Preferences and Lifestyle

You should also consider your lifestyle when selecting a nose ring size.

  • If you lead an active lifestyle, a smaller hoop size may be more practical, preventing it from being snagged.
  • You may prefer a larger hoop if you prefer a bolder style.
  • The material of the ring is also essential. Choose high-quality materials that do not quickly tarnish or cause allergic reactions.

Size of Nose Ring Hoop: Common Mistakes

To pick a nose ring hoop size, it's essential to avoid some common mistakes that people often make. You will want to consider the size of your nose, the thickness of the piercing, and your style. This blog post will guide you through some common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Gauge

One of the most significant things to consider when choosing nose rings is the gauge or thickness of the jewelry. Choosing a larger gauge than your nose piercing can cause discomfort or injury. Selecting the correct gauge is crucial to avoid any complications.

Mistake 2: Picking an Inappropriate Size

Mistakes to avoid when selecting a nose ring hoop size

Another mistake people often need to correct is picking a nose ring hoop that is too big or too small. A ring that's too big might fall out, while one that's too small can be uncomfortable and difficult to insert. Finding the right size will ensure your nose ring looks great, feels comfortable, and stays securely in place.

Mistake 3: Ignoring Your Style

It's essential to consider your style while choosing a nose ring hoop. If you aren't used to wearing larger or more noticeable jewelry, you might prefer a more subtle and dainty ring. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more eye-catching, try a hoop with a bolder design or intricate details.

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Choosing the right size nose ring hoop goes beyond just measuring the diameter of your piercing hole. It involves considering factors such as your nose shape, type of nose piercing, personal preferences, lifestyle, and material of the nose ring.

Remember to avoid common mistakes like guessing your size, neglecting to consider all factors, or buying low-quality jewelry prone to allergies or not suitable for long-term use. Take the time to select the perfect size and material for you to ensure your nose piercing looks its best and stays healthy.

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  • Can I Wear Different Sizes of Nose Ring Hoops?

    Yes, you can use different sizes of nose rings as long as they are appropriate for the nose's thickness and the piercing's placement. Experiment with different sizes to find your preferred look.

  • Can I Adjust The Size of My Nose Ring Hoop?

    Your nose ring can be adjusted slightly depending on your style to fit snugly or loosely around your nostril. Change your jewelry gently to avoid damaging your piercing. Ask your piercer if you need help adjusting your nose ring hoop.

  • What Material Should I Choose for My Nose Ring Hoop?

    Gold, silver, and surgical steel are the most popular materials for nose rings. Surgical steel is affordable and durable, while gold and silver are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. You should choose a material that suits your needs and preferences.

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