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How to Cover Sunburn With Makeup: 15 Ideas [Easy Solutions]

How to Cover Sunburn With Makeup: 15 Ideas [Easy Solutions]
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When concealing a severe sunburn, using makeup is neither healthy nor advisable. It can exacerbate pain and potentially lead to complications, such as infections. Instead, consider incorporating valuable tips and tricks that cover the sunburn, promote healing, and protect your skin.

You can ease a mild sunburn by applying moisturizer and adapting your makeup routine. Apply a green primer to counteract redness, then concealer and foundation. Avoid makeup and use airy fabrics, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat if your skin is compromised or blistered.

In this blog post, we'll discuss how to cover sunburn with makeup tips and tricks for covering sunburn with makeup, the advantages of applying makeup to cover sunburn, and ways to maintain coverage.

How to Cover Sunburn With Makeup: 15 Ideas

15 Tips and Steps to Cover Sunburn With Makeup

Sunburn can be painful and unsightly, making it difficult to feel comfortable in your skin. Makeup techniques can easily cover up redness and create a flawless complexion. Here are some tips:

Choosing the Right Foundation

Choose the perfect foundation shade to cover a sunburn by matching it precisely to your skin tone. Avoid shades too light or dark, as they can stress the most affected areas. The proper foundation will improve your skin tone and provide your needed coverage.

Applying Makeup Subtly

Sunburnt skin is often quite sensitive, so applying makeup delicately is essential. Always use a gentle hand when applying foundation and any other products to your sunburnt skin. Makeup brushes or beauty blenders can apply the product and don't press too hard.

Avoid Certain Products and Ingredients

Regarding makeup products, specific formulas and ingredients can only worsen the sunburn. Avoid anything with heavy fragrances, as this can irritate your skin. Also, avoid applying waterproof and long-wearing makeup, as they are more challenging to remove, which can further irritate the skin.


Gently exfoliating the flaky skin is the first step in achieving a smoother canvas for the makeup. It is essential to use a gentle exfoliating scrub to avoid further irritation. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, revealing a fresh layer of skin.

Feel the relief and let your skin rejuvenatess
Don't suffer in silence. Numbing cream is your sunburn's ultimate ally, providing gentle relief and soothing care.

Correct Tone with Green Color Corrector

Sunburn often results in redness and inflammation, which can be neutralized with a green color corrector. Dabbing the corrector gently onto the affected areas with fingertips helps to hide the redness, creating a more even skin tone.

Mix with Oil

Mixing your foundation with a drop of facial oil coats the skin with hydration evenly. It helps to prevent the foundation from sticking to dry patches of skin.

Apply Foundation with a Sponge or Brush

Applying foundation with a makeup sponge or brush is more comfortable. Avoiding a rough touch is critical to preventing further irritation of sensitive skin.

Start with Sunscreen

Sunburned skin is extra-sensitive, and extra protection when outside is required. It's crucial to start with sunscreen by applying it as the base before adding makeup. Opting for a moisturizing sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (at least 30) helps increase safety from the sun's rays while providing hydration.

Soothe with Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is the epitome of natural and effective sunburn remedies. Thinly applying it to the affected area calms the skin, making it a perfect choice before adding makeup.

Moisturize with SPF-Laden Lotion

Cover Sunburn With Makeup 15 Tips and Steps for Covering Sunburn With Makeup Apply SPF-Laden Lotion

Besides sunscreen, moisturizing the skin with an SPF-laden lotion adds extra protection and hydration. A combination of hyaluronic acid and glycerin can improve hydration.

Layer on Green Concealer

Using a color corrector consistently will eventually cause the makeup to appear raw. That's why a green concealer will help mask any redness that might occur through the foundation.

Try a Specially Planned Foundation

Foundations particularly designed for sensitive skin have soothing ingredients, such as chamomile and cucumber, that help soothe and calm the skin.

Cover with Mineral Powder Foundation

This makeup look's finishing touch is a layer of gentle mineral powder foundation that creates a natural, matte finish and won't irritate sensitive skin.

Finish with Bronzer

Adding a bronzer to the look will add warmth back into the skin. Apply some to the parts of your skin that the sun naturally hits, like the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Lock It in Place with Setting Powder and Spray

Finishing up with a setting powder and spray is crucial if you want your makeup to last all day. Choosing a setting powder that's finely milled and translucent will help avoid any cakey look while securing the wearability of the makeup all day long.

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Covering Sunburn with Makeup

For covering sunburn with makeup, there are equal advantages and disadvantages to consider. While it may provide an instant solution to hide the redness and discoloration caused by sunburn, it may also cause further irritation to the already damaged skin.

Feel the relief and let your skin rejuvenatess
Don't suffer in silence. Numbing cream is your sunburn's ultimate ally, providing gentle relief and soothing care.

Advantages of Covering Sunburn with Makeup

  • Concealment: Makeup can effectively hide the redness and peeling associated with sunburn, helping you maintain your normal appearance.
  • Protection: Certain makeup products contain SPF, protecting your sunburned skin.
  • Confidence Boost: Knowing your sunburn is well-concealed enhances your self-confidence and makes you feel more comfortable socially.

Sunburn Makeup Disadvantages

  • Irritation: Applying makeup to sunburned skin might cause further irritation or discomfort.
  • Ineffective Healing: Covering sunburn with makeup might slow skin healing.
  • Incorrect Application: If not applied correctly, makeup can stress the sunburn rather than concealing it.

3 Ways for Maintaining Covered Sunburn with Makeup

People use makeup to cover the sunburned areas. But simply applying makeup on sunburn may not be enough. It is essential to maintain it, which can be challenging. Here are some helpful ways to keep a sunburn covered with makeup:

Reapplying Makeup

To maintain sunburn coverage, it is crucial to reapply makeup throughout the day. Doing so will not only help to protect your skin, but will also ensure that your makeup looks fresh and flawless. Some tips for reapplying makeup include:

  • Use a lightweight, moisturizing sunscreen as a base before applying any makeup. Your skin will benefit from this by being protected from further damage, and it also acts as a primer to help your makeup stay in place.
  • Opt for lightweight, sheer foundations or tinted moisturizers to avoid a cakey or heavy look. Look for non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic formulations to reduce the risk of further irritation.
  • Use a concealer to cover any areas of redness or peeling. Be sure to blend well into your skin to avoid a blotchy appearance.
  • Apply powder sparingly, focusing on areas that get oily or shiny throughout the day. Set your makeup to prevent smudging and wear off.

Avoiding Sun Exposure

Avoiding further sun exposure is one of the most crucial steps in maintaining sunburn coverage. Then you won't get any more skin damage and keep your makeup in place longer. Some tips for avoiding sun exposure include:

  • Wear a hat or umbrella to shade your face from the sun. This will reduce skin damage and keep your makeup from melting off in the heat.
  • Avoid outdoor activities during peak sun hours, typically between 10 am and 4 pm. If you need to be outside, stay in shaded areas or wear protective clothing.
  • Use a high-SPF sunscreen on all exposed areas of your skin. You will prevent further skin damage and prevent your makeup from sliding off.

Using Gentle Products to Avoid Further Irritation

Covering Sunburn with Makeup, using Gentle Products

Another critical aspect of protecting your skin from sunburn is to use gentle products that won't further irritate your skin. This is especially important if your skin is already sensitive and prone to redness or peeling. Some tips for using gentle products include:

  • Look for skincare products that are fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and hypoallergenic. You can use these to soothe and moisturize sun-damaged skin.
  • Avoid harsh scrubs or exfoliants, especially if your skin is already peeling or flaking. Instead, opt for gentle cleansers or toners that won't aggravate your skin.
  • Non-comedogenic moisturizers can help your skin stay hydrated and prevent further peeling or cracking. Look for formulations that are lightweight, non-greasy, and easily absorbed by your skin.
Feel the relief and let your skin rejuvenatess
Don't suffer in silence. Numbing cream is your sunburn's ultimate ally, providing gentle relief and soothing care.


As you can see, covering up sunburn with makeup is a great way to look and feel your best, even when your skin is still healing. By choosing the right products and approach, you can minimize redness and promote healing, allowing you to enjoy summer without worrying about the side effects of sun exposure.

So next time you sunburn, don't panic. Just follow these tips and tricks to achieve a flawless and healthy-looking complexion. Your skin will thank you for it, and you'll be able to enjoy a gorgeous, glowing summer all season long.

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    Some heavy makeup formulas can irritate and worsen sunburn symptoms, causing further redness and inflammation. Stick to lightweight products and avoid anything with fragrances or alcohol.

  • Can Makeup Effectively Cover a Sunburn?

    Makeup can effectively cover a sunburn to a certain extent, but choosing the right products and application techniques is essential. Use a green-tinted color corrector to counteract redness, followed by a medium to full coverage foundation with a dewy finish to avoid a cakey look.

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