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Sexiest Tattoos: 12 Placement for Female [Secret Revealed]

Female Tattoo Placements that are the Sexiest
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Women rated tattooed men as healthier but not more attractive than men without tattoos in a study. Tattooed men were considered more appealing but less nutritious than men without tattoos.

Sexiest tattoos are considered attractive, appealing, or seductive based on personal preferences and cultural norms. Factors like design, placement, color, and symbolism influence their perception. Ultimately, the definition of sexiness varies and is subjective.

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This blog post will explore the sexiest tattoo placements, designs, and temporary tattoos that can help women enhance their appeal and celebrate their true selves.

Sexiest Tattoos: 12 Placement for Female

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The topic of tattoos and their placement has become quite popular over the years, with many individuals seeking to express themselves through body art. We will explore the sexiest woman tattoo placement ideas.

Thigh Tattoos

Female Thigh Hot Wala Tattoo Placement

Thigh tattoos are popular for women due to their discreetness and versatility. It is one of the most attractive hidden tattoos for females. Also, the upper outer thigh is a naughty place to get a tattoo. They offer the option of covering up with clothing or showing off with short skirts or dresses. There are some considerations to getting a tattoo on the thigh, such as:


  • Versatile placement options.
  • Easy to cover up for work or more formal occasions.
  • It can accentuate the curves of the thigh.


  • It can be uncomfortable or painful, as the thigh is sensitive.
  • Longer healing time due to constant movement and friction.
  • It may fade more quickly than in other areas due to constant exposure to sunlight and rubbing against clothing.
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Some examples of sexy thigh tattoos include:

  • Floral designs.
  • Animal prints or patterns.
  • Quotes or words that wrap around the thigh.
  • Intricate oriental designs.

A great strategy for showcasing a thigh tattoo is wearing summery outfits such as short skirts, dresses, or cut-off shorts. This allows the tattoo to be visible without being too overt.

Rib Tattoos

Female sexy arm tattoo placement

Rib tattoos are one of the most attractive tattoos for women. Rib tattoos have gained immense popularity among women because of their glamorous and feminine appeal. The rib to thigh tattoo is the sexiest body part for females. There are some considerations to tattooing your rib, such as:


  • Super sexy placement that accentuates the curves of the body.
  • It can remain hidden in more formal settings.
  • Even relatively small tattoos in this area can be impactful.


  • It can be excruciating to get due to proximity to bone.
  • Longer healing time as it requires rubbing against clothing.
  • It may only work for a limited size and style of tattoo.

Some examples of sexy rib tattoos include:

  • Floral vines or leaves that wrap around the ribcage.
  • Script letters or words that follow the curve of the ribcage.
  • Abstract designs, such as feathers or abstract swirls.
  • It is an intimate tattoo for ladies.

Form-fitting clothing, such as crop tops or bikinis, is a great way to showcase a rib tattoo. This allows for the tattoo to be seen elegantly and tastefully.

Sleeve Tattoos

The sexiest tattoos for women are sleeve tattoos

Increasingly popular among women who want to make a statement and express themselves through body art. Before getting a sleeve tattoo, consider some factors, such as:


  • Covers a larger area of the body, making a bold statement.
  • It can showcase various designs together, making it more personal and significant.
  • Great for those who want a larger piece of body art.


  • It can be time-consuming and expensive to get.
  • It may only sometimes fit with specific job settings or formal attire.
  • Full-sleeve tattoos require significant time and effort during the healing process.

Some examples of sexy sleeve tattoos for women include:

  • Floral or mandala designs.
  • Portraits or depictions of individual or mythical creatures.
  • Abstract designs featuring watercolor, dot work, or geometrics.

The best way to show off a sleeve tattoo is by wearing short or sleeveless tops showcasing the design. It is also possible to cover up the tattoo when going to work or fold the sleeves up to show the tattoo partially for a more revealing look.

Wrist Tattoos

Women's Sexiest Tattoos Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are an excellent option for women who want a small, discreet tattoo that can be hidden easily. Simple, sexy designs can be found on wrist tattoos. There are some considerations before getting a tattoo on your wrist:


  • It is a small, discrete, and easily hidden tattoo that can be covered with clothing or a watch.
  • It is perfect for first-timers or those wanting something smaller and minimalistic.
  • It can make a statement without being too overpowering.


  • It is a painful place to get inked due to the tendons running through the wrist.
  • The design may fade or blur over time because of the exposure to UV and constant rubbing against surfaces.
  • Limited space for plans, which may require further planning and simplification.

Some examples of sexy wrist tattoos include:

  • Minimalistic and symbolic designs, such as arrows, hearts, or stars.
  • Script lettering that follows the curve of the wrist.
  • Flower depictions.

Collar Bone Tattoos

Getting The sexiest tattoos for female collarbones at a sexy tattoo shop

The collarbone is a hot girl tattoo design. Tattoos on the collarbone have been gaining popularity thanks to celebrities like Rihanna. But before you decide to get a collarbone tattoo, here are some things you should consider:


  • Collar bone tattoos are easily visible and can be easily flaunted when wearing off-shoulder tops or dresses.
  • The area is relatively flat, making it easier for the artist to create intricate designs.
  • The area is less painful than other bony areas such as the wrist or ankle.

  • Disadvantages:

    • The collarbone area is prone to stretching, especially if you gain or lose weight, which can distort the tattoo over time.
    • The area is prone to infections since it is covered by clothing, sweat, and dirt.
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    Examples of sexy collarbone tattoos:

    • A small delicate flower or butterfly design. These are pretty and sexy tattoo designs for ladies.
    • A script tattoo with a quote that means a lot to you.
    • An intricate mandala or geometric design.

    Strategies for showcasing collarbone tattoos:

    • Wear off-shoulder tops or dresses that highlight the tattoo.
    • Hairstyles that show off the tattoo.
    • Opt for a lower-cut neckline to show off the tattoo without revealing too much skin.

    Side Tattoos

    The sexiest tattoos on the side of your body

    Side tattoos, also known as rib tattoos, can look incredibly sexy if done right. It is the hottest tattoo place for a chick. However, this placement can be quite painful and tricky to execute. Here are some things to consider before getting a side tattoo:


    • Side tattoos can look feminine and alluring, especially with a crop top or high-waisted jeans.
    • The area offers a large canvas for intricate designs that complement your curves.


    • This placement can be painful since it’s close to the bone and has minimal cushioning from fat tissue.
    • The area is prone to stretching and distortion, especially if you are a curvier woman.

    Examples of the most sexy side tattoos:

    • A dream catcher or feather design that trails down the side of the body.
    • An intricate floral or vine design that wraps around the waist.
    • A meaningful quote or a short inspiring text that fits in the space.

    Strategies for showcasing side tattoos:

    • Wear crop tops and high-waisted jeans to show off the tattoo while keeping it semi-hidden.
    • Choose lighter fabrics like lace or sheer that won't reveal too much skin.
    • You can get creative with placement and get a tattoo across your back to the other side of your waist.

    Leg Tattoos

    Female Leg Tattoos Tattoos Placement for Sexiest

    The leg tattoo design can look sensual and elegant, especially on the thigh area. However, this placement can be painful and require more aftercare than other placements. Before getting a leg tattoo:


    • Leg tattoos can look incredibly sexy and can elongate your legs, especially if it's on the thigh area.
    • The area offers a larger canvas for more intricate designs.


    • Leg tattoos can be quite painful since the skin is thinner and has less fat tissue.
    • It can be infected and take longer to heal since the legs are constantly active.
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    Examples of sexy leg tattoos

    • A floral or animal design that wraps around the knee area.
    • A minimalist design that’s placed near the ankle or behind the knee.
    • A meaningful quote or inspirational text should be placed on the calf area.

    Strategies for showcasing leg tattoos:

    • Wear dresses or skirts with high slits to show off the tattoo.
    • Choose footwear that compliments the tattoo, such as tall boots or strappy sandals.
    • You can place the tattoo behind the knee or ankle area for a more subtle look.

    Lower Back Tattoos

    The most sexiest lower back tattoos for women

    Lower back tattoos and tramp stamps have been popular among women for decades. The lower back is the sexiest place to get a tattoo for female. While some people may consider them controversial, many find them sexy and alluring. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages is essential before getting a lower back tattoo.


    • Lower back tattoos are easily concealed with clothing, making them perfect for those who want a tattoo but need to maintain a professional appearance for work.
    • The lower back is a large canvas, so you have plenty of space for intricate designs and details.
    • Lower back tattoos are often associated with femininity and sensuality, making them a popular way to express confidence and beauty.


    • The lower back is a sensitive area, making the tattooing process more painful than other areas.
    • If you plan to have children, pregnancy can cause the tattoo to stretch and distort, potentially changing the appearance of the design.
    • Lower back tattoos are often stereotyped as tacky or unclassy by some people, leading to unwanted judgments or stigma.
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    Examples of Sexy Lower Back Tattoos:

    • Tribal designs with intricate patterns and curving lines accentuate the curves of the lower back.
    • Floral designs interwoven with vines that create a delicate and elegant look.
    • Butterflies, birds, or other animals that symbolize grace, beauty, and freedom.

    Strategies for Showcasing Lower Back Tattoos:

    • Wear low-rise jeans or shorts that show off the tattoo while providing some coverage.
    • Choose form-fitting clothing that accentuates your curves and highlights the tattoo.
    • Consider getting a backless dress or top for a sexy and sophisticated look that allows you to flaunt the tattoo while still looking elegant and classy.

    Breast Tattoos

    Breast Tattoos Female Tattoo Placement

    Breast tattoos have been a popular option for many years, and for good reason. The designs on breast tattoos can range from small, subtle designs to more elaborate ones that are incredibly sexy and feminine. Before deciding on a breast tattoo, consider the pros and cons of getting inked in this area.


    • Breast tattoos can be easily concealed when needed, making them a popular option for professionals who want to hide their body art.
    • Breast tattoos can enhance the body's natural curves, drawing attention to the bust and providing a sensual focal point.
    • The breast area is relatively flat, providing a smooth canvas for intricate designs.


    • Breast tattoos can be incredibly painful to get, especially for those with larger breasts. The area is also prone to sensitivity, making it a challenging location to heal.
    • Over time, breast tattoos can sag or distort as the body changes, requiring touch-ups or adjustments to maintain their integrity.
    • The tattoo may only be visible in specific clothing or during intimate moments.

    Examples of Sexy Breast Tattoos

    • Delicate floral designs or vines that wrap around the breast and extend toward the collarbone can be alluring and feminine.
    • Elegant script or lettering that follows the natural curve of the breast can be simple yet provocative.
    • Bold graphic designs that cover the entire breast can be eye-catching and daring.

    Strategies for Showcasing Breast Tattoos:

    • Deep v-neck tops or dresses can highlight the upper portion of the breast without revealing too much skin.
    • Sheer or lacy tops can provide a tantalizing glimpse of the tattoo without fully exposing it.
    • Sports bras or bralettes are a fun and flirty way to reveal a breast tattoo during yoga or other athletic activities.

    Stomach Tattoo

    The sexiest tattoo placement for females on the stomach

    Stomach tattoos are trendy for those who want to show off their sexy side. They are exquisite and sexy. Whether you opt for a small, delicate design or a bold statement piece, a stomach tattoo can be a seductive addition to any outfit.


    • The stomach is relatively flat, making it an ideal canvas for intricate or detailed designs.
    • Stomach tattoos can enhance the hourglass figure, drawing attention to the waist and hips.
    • The location of the tattoo can be easily concealed with clothing, making it an excellent option for those who want to maintain a professional appearance.


    • Stomach tattoos can be uncomfortable for those who are sensitive in this area.
    • Depending on the tattoo's placement, it may become distorted or stretched as the body changes.
    • Stomach tattoos may not be suitable for those who experience bloating or weight fluctuations, as these changes may alter the appearance of the tattoo.

    Examples of Sexy Belly Tattoos:

    • Delicate flowers encircling the navel can be feminine and alluring.
    • Bold graphic designs that extend from the ribs to the hip bone can create an eye-catching, dramatic effect.
    • A script that follows the contours of the waist can be simple yet provocative.

    Strategies for Showcasing Stomach Tattoos:

    • Crop tops, bralettes, or high-waisted pants can be paired to reveal the tattoo without showing too much skin.
    • Swimsuits or bikinis with a low-rise bottom can highlight the tattoo without exposing it fully.
    • Cut-out dresses or tops can provide a playful peek of the stomach tattoo without revealing too much.

    Chest Tattoo

    A female's sexiest chest tattoo placement

    A chest tattoo is another bold and beautiful way to adorn your body with artwork. It can look great on both men and women and is a versatile canvas for various designs and styles. Like any other tattoo, there are advantages and disadvantages before getting inked on this part of your body.


    Here are some examples of the sexiest female chest tattoo advantages:

    • Your chest is a prominent and eye-catching area that can complement your natural contours and shapes.
    • Chest tattoos symbolize significant relationships, accomplishments, or beliefs, making them personal and powerful.
    • You have many options for designs that can look great on your chest, including animals, portraits, and abstracts.


    • Healing a chest tattoo can be more uncomfortable and challenging due to its proximity to the heart, lungs, and other vital organs.
    • Chest tattoos are more visible and may limit your clothing options or professional opportunities, depending on your industry or workplace.
    • They can be more expensive and time-consuming than other tattoos, depending on the size and complexity of your design.
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    Examples of sexy chest tattoos:

    • A portrait of a loved one or hero placed over the heart.
    • A tribal or Maori pattern that accentuates the collarbones and chest muscles.
    • A dreamcatcher or mandala that covers the entire chest and upper arms.

    Strategies for showcasing chest tattoos:

    • Wear low-cut or off-shoulder tops that reveal your chest area.
    • Opt for dresses or tops with plunging necklines to showcase your ink during formal events.
    • Consider enhancing your chest tattoo with jewelry or accessories like chokers or body chains.

    Neck Tattoos

    Sexiest Neck Tattoo Placements for Females

    The neck is an increasingly popular area to get a tattoo, as it's easily visible and has the potential to be both sexy and sophisticated. There are some sexy tattoo locations on the neck. Before jumping into getting a neck tattoo, consider the advantages and disadvantages of this placement.


    • Neck tattoos are easily visible, making them perfect for people who want to showcase them.
    • The neck offers ample space for intricate designs or phrases that can be prominently displayed.
    • Neck tattoos are often associated with confidence, boldness, and rebellion.


    • Neck tattoos may be painful, and the healing process can be challenging as the area continually moves.
    • Neck tattoos are typically more visible than other placements and can lead to unwanted judgments or stigmas.
    • The neck is sensitive, so the tattoo may fade or distort quickly, requiring frequent touch-ups.
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    Examples of Sexy Neck Tattoos

    • Delicate floral designs that curve gracefully around the neck.
    • Intricate, abstract patterns that incorporate geometric shapes and lines.
    • Small script tattoos that hug the curve of the neck.

    Strategies for Showcasing Neck Tattoos

    • Wear clothing that highlights the tattoo, such as tops with low collars or off-the-shoulder designs.
    • Choose statement jewelry that draws attention to the tattoo's location, such as long necklaces or chokers.
    • Consider wearing a statement hairstyle, such as an updo.

    Sexiest Celebrity Tattooed Females

    The sexiest celebrity tattooed females

    Female celebrities have been sporting tattoos for years; some have exquisite designs. Take a look at some of the sexiest celebrity tattooed females their tattoo choices, and the significance behind these designs:


    Rihanna is the sexiest celebrity tattooed female
    • Rihanna's tattoos include everything from delicate designs on her neck to larger pieces on her arms and torso.
    • She has inked phrases like "never a failure, always a lesson" and the Egyptian goddess Isis onto her chest.
    • Rihanna's tattoos give her an edgy, cool-girl vibe and showcase her as a powerful, confident woman.

    Megan Fox

    Megan Fox is the sexiest celebrity tattooed female
    • Megan Fox has several tattoos, including a large back piece of a soaring bird and a quote from Shakespeare on her shoulder.
    • Her tattoos are a testament to her love of art and the importance of self-expression.
    • Her tattoos add to her sexy, sultry image and amplify her confidence.

    Angelina Jolie

    Celebs with the sexiest tattoos Angelina Jolie
    • Angelina Jolie has over a dozen tattoos, including coordinates for the birthplaces of her children and a tribute to her mother, who passed away from cancer.
    • Her tattoos are artistic and meaningful, showcasing her as a deeply empathetic and thoughtful individual.
    • Her tattoos add a touch of mystery and intrigue to her image and further enhance her sex appeal.

    Sexiest Female Tattoo Designs

    The sexiest female tattoo designs

    Now that we've explored the world of celebrity tattoos, let's examine popular tattoo designs for females and how they enhance sexiness:

    Floral Designs

    • Floral designs are one of the most popular choices among women.
    • Delicate and feminine, they add softness to any outfit.
    • With the proper placement and size, floral designs can enhance a woman's curves and add sexiness to her image.
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    Script Designs

    • Script designs are another popular option for women, particularly those who want to express themselves with words.
    • Quotes, phrases, and song lyrics can be incorporated into script designs, adding a personal touch to the tattoo.
    • Script designs add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a woman's image and can enhance her overall sex appeal.

    Animal Designs

    • Animal designs are a great way to showcase one's love for nature and animals.
    • Depending on the desired effect, they can range from minor to delicate to significant and intricate.
    • Animal designs can add a touch of playfulness and sexiness to a woman's image, mainly if the animal chosen is considered sensual or wild.

    Sexiest Temporary Tattoos?

    The sexiest temporary tattoos

    Temporary tattoos are a great way to experiment with different designs and add a touch of sexiness to any outfit. Check out the trend of temporary tattoos, their advantages and disadvantages, and some examples of sexy temporary tattoos:

    The Trend Toward Temporary Tattoos

    • Temporary tattoos have grown in popularity recently, particularly among young people.
    • They offer excellent access to designs and styles without a permanent commitment.
    • Temporary tattoos are also a great way to set up an outfit for a special occasion, such as a date or party.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Temporary Tattoos

    • Advantages of temporary tattoos include their temporary nature, affordability, and the ability to experiment with different designs.
    • Disadvantages of temporary tattoos include the potential for skin irritation and the fact that they don't last as long as permanent tattoos.
    • It's important to carefully read and follow the instructions for applying and removing temporary tattoos to avoid adverse effects.
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    Examples of Sexy Temporary Tattoos

    • Temporary tattoos with sexy designs include metallic designs, lace designs, and even temporary tattoos that mimic the appearance of real tattoos.
    • Any outfit can be enhanced with them.
    • It's essential to choose a temporary tattoo that complements the outfit and enhances the overall sex appeal of the wearer.


    Tattoos have become an increasingly common and popular way for females to express themselves and enhance their sex appeal. With various tattoo placement options and designs, the possibilities of showcasing your individuality and enhancing your beauty are endless.

    Whether you prefer the subtlety of a wrist tattoo or the boldness of a thigh tattoo, tattoos can undoubtedly add a unique element of personality and beauty to your overall style.

    Before taking the plunge and getting inked, it's crucial to research and ensure you choose a tattoo artist who can deliver a beautiful and long-lasting tattoo.

    With careful consideration and expert advice, tattoos can be an excellent addition to your overall appearance and expression of individuality. So go forth, embrace your feminine power, and get a sexy tattoo today.

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