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What is the Symbol of Commitment in a Relationship Tattoo: 4 Types

Symbols of commitment in relationships: 4 types
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Relationship tattoos that symbolize commitment in a relationship. For moral reasons, the sun and moon are two of the most popular choices for commitment tattoos. The sun is all about masculine power, and the moon represents the more feminine aspects of life. When these two opposites come together, they create a perfect harmony. Couples might interpret sun and moon tattoos as a representation of the ebb and flow of life.

These tattoos come in different styles, motifs, and designs with significant meaning. Relationship tattoos have become increasingly popular for couples to showcase their love and commitment to one another. In these tattoos, the symbol of commitment plays a vital role.

This blog post will explore the meaning behind relationship tattoos and why it's crucial to incorporate this gesture into your relationship.

What is The Symbol of Commitment in a Relationship Tattoo: 4 Types of Symbols

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Love is beautiful and can be expressed‌. A relationship tattoo is the most intimate way to show commitment to your significant other. A relationship tattoo symbolizes love, trust, and loyalty that will be engraved on your skin forever. Traditional hearts and arrows to more personalized and creative designs, the symbol of commitment, can take on many forms.

Traditional Symbols

Tattoos have undoubtedly become a popular way to express love and commitment in relationships. Couples often get tattooed with symbols and images representing their bond and feelings for each other. This post will discuss the ultimate symbol of commitment in relationship tattoos:

  • Hearts: The heart symbol is one of the most recognizable emblems of love. It is a classic symbol that has been around for centuries and is often the go-to choice for couples looking to get matching tattoos.
  • Infinity Signs: The infinity sign symbolizes limitless love and permanence. It is a popular choice for couples who want to express their unwavering commitment to each other.
  • Birds: Birds symbolize freedom, fidelity, and loyalty. They make for beautiful tattoos that represent the idea of two birds flying together, united in love and loyalty, and sharing their journey through life.
  • Celtic Knots: The Celtic knot represents the infinite interconnectedness of all things. It is a famous symbol among Irish couples and symbolizes their deep connection and bond.
  • Henna: Henna is a traditional Indian tattoo often used in wedding ceremonies. It symbolizes the union of two souls in marriage and is a blessing for the couple's future.
  • Dragons: In Chinese culture, dragons are revered as symbols of power, authority, and strength. A dragon tattoo can represent the person's strength and willingness to protect their loved ones.
  • Wedding ring tattoos: Some couples prefer matching ring tattoos to traditional wedding rings. These can feature significant dates, initials, or other meaningful designs.
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Relationship Tattoos with Modern Symbols

A tattoo with your significant other is a meaningful way to celebrate your love and commitment. While many symbols represent devotion and union, the most common and highly tattoo designs that symbolize commitment in relationships are:

  • Interlocking Hearts: Interlocking heart tattoos are a popular way to represent two people's love for each other. The design typically combines two hearts to create an infinity symbol or a knot.
  • Lock and Key: A lock-and-key tattoo represents that one person has a unique key that unlocks the other person's heart. This design symbolizes protection, trust, and the desire to be together.
  • Quote Tattoos: A quote tattoo is a great way to show the world what your partner means to you. This tattoo design ranges from small and subtle to large and ornate, and it can be written in different scripts, languages, and styles to match your personal preferences.
  • Tree of Life: The tree of life represents a relationship's strong roots and growing branches. It is a significant symbol for couples who have been together for a long time and have seen their love grow and flourish.

Creative Symbolism in Relationships

Creative Tattoos Symbolizing Relationships & Commitment

For relationship tattoos, there are a variety of symbols that can represent commitment. Choosing the fitting symbol can be crucial for those serious about solidifying their love and partnership with a lifelong tattoo. We'll explore some of the most common symbols of commitment in relationship tattoos.

Regal and Romantic

One popular theme for relationship tattoos is royalty and romance. This can take the form of symbols like crowns, hearts, and the infinity symbol. These symbols all represent the idea of an unbreakable bond deserving of the regal treatment. Variations of this theme include:

  • King and Queen Crowns: These tattoos depict a pair of crowns, one king and one queen, either worn by each partner or positioned to fit together like puzzle pieces.
  • Heart with Infinity Symbol: This design couples the classic heart symbol with the infinity symbol, representing an eternal love that will last forever.
  • Crescent Moon: The crescent moon symbolizes mystery, femininity, and emotions. This is a perfect symbol if you are looking for something romantic with a touch of mystery.
  • Lion and Lioness: The king and queen of the jungle. These majestic animals represent a strong and protective relationship. Couples see themselves as a powerful force in their relationship.

A Forever Promise

Another common symbol for relationship tattoos is the promise of forever. You can represent this through imagery like rings or knotwork, for example. Here are a few variations:

  • Celtic Knotwork: This intricate pattern represents the unbreakable bond between two people and can be customized with different colors or symbols to make it unique to the relationship.
  • Lotus Flower: This beautiful flower represents purity and rebirth, making it a popular choice for couples starting a new chapter.
  • Swan: Swans are known for their lifelong partnerships, making them a perfect symbol for relationship tattoos. Adding a watercolor effect can give the tattoo a dreamy, magical quality.
  • Wedding Date: A tattoo with the date of your marriage can be with you daily, reminding you of the love and the bond you share with your partner.
  • Heart with an Arrow: This design represents the "Cupid's Arrow" that has struck your heart and your unbreakable love.

King and Queen

Symbolic relationships in kings and queens

Finally, for those who want their relationship tattoos to have a more literal interpretation, there are options like puzzle pieces or lock and key tattoos. These designs represent the idea that the two partners are the missing pieces that complete each other. Here are some variations:

  • Heraldic: These intricate symbols represent different aspects of a couple's relationship, such as loyalty, trust, and love. They are perfect for couples with a common interest in medieval history and heraldry.
  • Puzzle piece: Each partner gets half of a puzzle piece, which fits with the other partner's piece. This represents the idea that they are incomplete without each other.
  • Yin and Yang: This tattoo pair showcases balance and how each partner fits together, whether personality, strengths, and weaknesses or working together in harmony.
  • Sun and Moon: The sun and moon represent the perfect balance, complementing each other but also full of their power and strength.

Watercolor Whimsy

Watercolor tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for relationship tattoos. They are delicate and represent a unique and individual love. Here are some options for watercolor relationship tattoos:

  • Abstract heart: A watercolor heart tattoo is a beautiful choice as it's a creative and unique way to represent your love as a quirky and artistic couple.
  • Animal tattoos: Matching watercolor animal tattoos can represent what you love or are reminiscent of a shared experience or memory.
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Respecting the Commitment in Relationship Tattoo

It is essential to recognize that tattoos are self-expression and should be respected. Here are a few ways to show respect for tattoos and their wearers:

  • Avoid making assumptions: Don't assume that someone with a tattoo is a criminal or lacks education or professionalism. Instead, get to know the person beyond their physical appearance.
  • Ask for permission: If you want to touch or inspect someone's tattoo, always ask for their permission first.
  • Don't judge: Everyone can express themselves, and tattoos are no different. Don't judge someone based on their tattoos.
  • Show interest: If you genuinely want someone's tattoo, ask them about its meaning and significance. This shows that you respect their decision to get a tattoo and are interested in their unique story.

Tattoos as Symbols of Commitment in Relationships: Placement Considerations

Placement of tattoos in relationships as a symbol of commitment

For expressing commitment in a relationship, it is not uncommon for couples to choose tattoos to symbolize their love for each other. Relationship tattoos are a beautiful way to commemorate your bond and constantly remind you of your love, loyalty, and commitment to one another. Before getting inked, there are several factors to consider. One crucial aspect to consider is the placement of the tattoo.

Common Placement Locations

For relationship tattoos, there are several common placement locations. Some of the most popular areas include:

  • Fingers: The common area where the couple's tattoos are placed is on the fingers. They will either be placed on the side of the fingers or the outer part of the finger.
  • Wrist: A wrist tattoo is a great option to show off your commitment without being too intrusive. It is also an excellent spot for small or intricate designs.
  • Forearm: The forearm is an excellent option if you want more space for your tattoo. It is also a suitable spot for larger, more detailed designs.
  • Back: The back is a brilliant spot for larger tattoos or designs you want to keep somewhat hidden.
  • Chest: A chest tattoo is an excellent option for couples who want a more intimate tattoo that is only visible when they are together.

Personalized Placement Options

Besides the standard placement options above, there are also many personalized placement options that you might consider. Some additional placement ideas to consider include the following:

  • Matching tattoos on the fingers or hands.
  • Tattooing a love letter or quote in your partner's handwriting.
  • Get a tattoo that complements your partner's tattoo, like puzzle pieces or two halves of a heart.
  • Tattooing each other's initials, wedding date, or another meaningful symbol in a less-common location, such as inside the wrist or behind the ear.
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Relationship Tattoos as Symbols of Commitment: Potential Consequences

While a relationship tattoo can be a beautiful symbol of love, it is essential to consider potential consequences if the relationship takes a different direction. Before getting a relationship tattoo, here are some things to consider:

  • The tattoo will remain a permanent reminder of the commitment if the relationship does not work out.
  • Removing a tattoo can be costly and painful.
  • It may be challenging to explain the meaning behind the tattoo to future partners.


A tattoo representing commitment in a relationship is typically a heart. This universal symbol of love is significant for couples celebrating their bond through tattoo art. The heart's shape and meaning represent the love and connection shared between two people, making it a valuable symbol that will serve as a reminder of their commitment to each other for a lifetime.

Whether a simple heart or a custom design incorporating initials or other meaningful elements, a heart tattoo is an excellent choice for couples seeking to express their love through ink.

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  • What is a tattoo symbol for love?

    Hearts symbolize universal love, representing deep affection. Easily personalized in various colors and sizes, a heart tattoo is a perfect way to announce your cherished love for your Significant Other.

  • What does a tattoo mean, forever love?

    The symbol, representing eternity, is a perfect choice for matching tattoos that symbolize eternal love. It serves as a metaphor for love's limitless and everlasting nature.

  • What tattoo represents commitment?

    Suns and moons are popular commitment tattoo choices because of their symbolic representation of opposing yet balanced powers, reminiscent of yin and yang.

  • Is a tattoo an enormous commitment?

    Tattoos are intriguing but require commitment, as they are permanent. Consider carefully before getting one, as removal involves painful laser surgery. Choose wisely to avoid future regrets.

  • How does commitment symbolize commitment?

    The Hercules Knox, also known as the Knot of Hercules, Love Knot, or Marriage Knot, symbolizes enduring love and commitment in weddings.

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