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What Is Deep Bikini Wax: 4 Considerations [Differences]

The 4 factors of deep bikini wax [Difference from regular bikini]
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A deep bikini wax is more thorough and precise than a full bikini wax but less invasive and painful than a Brazilian wax. It provides a neat appearance without eliminating the hair. It lasts longer than shaving, preventing ingrown hairs, cuts, and infections.

The deep bikini wax is like a high-cut bikini, where a portion of the hair is removed from the top of the line. A waxing technique is used to wax the sides of the bikini line approximately 1 inch to 2 inches inwards from the inguinal lines.

It provides immediate removal of unwanted hair outside the vaginal area, leaving a clean, triangular shape.

This blog post will explain deep bikini wax, the difference between deep and regular bikini wax, and factors to consider before deep bikini waxing.

What Is Deep Bikini Wax: Difference With a Regular Bikini

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If you want to remove unwanted hair from your bikini area, you might wonder what kind of waxing service to choose. Different bikini waxes vary in how much hair they take off and how they shape it. Two of the most common ones are the regular and deep bikini wax. Here are some of the main differences between them:

Area covered

A regular bikini wax removes any hair visible outside the average underwear line and sometimes a little on the leg. A deep bikini wax removes hair from the bar and slightly beyond, as if you were wearing high-cut underwear. It also removes more hair from the top of the pubic bone, leaving a triangle-shaped patch of hair that can be as full or as small as you like.

Pain level

Regular bikini waxes are one of the least painful waxing services because only a few strips of resin are used, and the procedure is quick. Deep bikini waxes are more uncomfortable since they remove a more significant amount of hair. However, the pain level also depends on your tolerance, the waxer's skill, and the wax used.

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A regular bikini wax gives you a clean look that works well with most bikini bottoms or underwear. It also prevents hair from peeking out when wearing swimsuits or tight clothing.

A deep bikini wax gives you a more defined and sculpted look that can make you feel more confident and sexy. It also reduces the amount of hair that can trap moisture and bacteria, improving your hygiene and preventing infections.


A regular bikini wax can last about three weeks to four weeks. A deep bikini wax lasts about four to six weeks because it removes more hair from the root. However, both bikini waxes require regular maintenance to keep the results smooth and consistent.

You should avoid shaving or trimming between waxing sessions to avoid disturbing the hair growth pattern and making the next waxing more painful.


A regular bikini wax is suitable for anyone who wants to remove some hair from their bikini area without changing the shape or size of their natural hairline. It is also a good option for beginners who want to try waxing for the first time or those with sensitive skin or low pain tolerance.

A deep wax is suitable for women wishing to remove more hair from their area and create a more defined and customized shape. The procedure also benefits those who want to enhance their appearance or feel more comfortable in their intimate areas.

4 Considerations Before Getting A Deep Bikini Wax

The 4 most important factors to take into account before getting a deep bikini wax

Before you book a deep bikini wax appointment, there are some things you should consider to make sure you have a safe and comfortable experience. Here are some of the significant things to consider:

Choose a Reputable Practitioner

You want to get deep bikini wax from someone who is trained and hygienic. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, or read online reviews of the salon and the waxer. You should also call the salon and ask about their waxing methods, products, and sanitation practices. Avoid places that double dip their wax, as this can spread infections.

Prepare Your Hair and Skin

Your hair should be at least ¼ inch or 2/3 centimeter long for a deep bikini wax so that the wax can grip it properly. If your hair is too short, the wax may not work well. If your hair is too long, the waxing may be more painful.

You can trim your hair before your appointment but don’t shave or use hair removal creams. You should also exfoliate and moisturize your skin the weeks before your wax, but stop doing so two days before your appointment. This can help prevent ingrown hairs and irritation.

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Avoid Waxing During Your Period

You can get a deep bikini wax when you have your period, as long as you use a tampon and inform your waxer. However, it may be more uncomfortable and messy, as your skin may be more sensitive and prone to bleeding. It may also increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is better to avoid waxing during your period or at least a few days before and after it.

Manage Your Pain And Discomfort

A deep bikini wax can be painful, especially if it is your first time. However, you can take some steps to reduce the pain and discomfort. About an hour before your appointment, you can take an over-the-counter painkiller, such as ibuprofen.

A numbing cream or spray can also be applied to your bikini area, but make sure it is safe for waxing. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine should also be avoided before your wax, as they can make your skin more sensitive.

Follow the Aftercare Instructions

After your deep bikini wax, your skin may be red, swollen, and sore for a few days. You should follow the aftercare instructions from your waxer to help your skin heal and prevent complications. Some of the common aftercare tips are:

  • Avoid hot baths, showers, saunas, and swimming pools for 24 hours.
  • Avoid tight clothing, underwear, and friction for 48 hours.
  • Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanners for 48 hours.
  • Avoid scented products, such as lotions, deodorants, and scented pads for 48 hours.
  • Avoid sexual activity for 48 hours.
  • Apply a soothing cream like aloe vera or hydrocortisone to your bikini area twice daily.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize your bikini area gently every other day after the first 48 hours.

Maintain Your Waxing Schedule

Maintain Your Waxing Schedule

A deep bikini wax can last four to six weeks, based on your hair growth cycle. However, maintain your waxing schedule and not shave between waxings to keep your results smooth and consistent. This can also make your future waxing sessions less painful and more accessible, as your hair will become finer and softer.


In conclusion, deep bikini waxing is an excellent option if you're looking for a more thorough and defined hair removal technique that doesn't require complete hair removal.

The procedure can be painful, but with proper preparation and pain management, even those with lower pain tolerance can enjoy the benefits of this hair removal method.

Deep bikini waxes can last up to six weeks, giving you a considerable break from the upkeep of other hair removal methods. So book your appointment with a reputable practitioner, prepare your hair and skin, and enjoy a smoother, cleaner, and more confident look with a deep bikini wax.

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