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How Do You Come Up with a Good Tattoo Design: 3 Ideas [Easy]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Picking a Good Tattoo Design
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Choose a tattoo design that represents your values and interests wisely. A poorly designed or misplaced tattoo can lead to a lifetime of regret. Take the time to create a unique and creative design you'll cherish forever.

When contemplating a tattoo design, think about its significance. Explore various tattoo styles and genres. Deliberate on type, size, and placement. Seek inspiration from beloved books, movies, and video games. Peruse social media to ignite your creativity.

This blog post will explore tips and strategies for creating the perfect tattoo design that reflects your style and tells your unique story.

How Do You Come Up with a Good Tattoo Design: Personal Preferences

Selection of tattoo designs based on personal preferences

When deciding on a tattoo design that suits you best, considering your personal preferences is vital. This involves understanding what you like and what matters to you the most. Let's delve into some ways to explore your personal preferences for a tattoo design:

Exploring Your Interests and Hobbies

  • List Your Interests: Begin by jotting down things you enjoy, hobbies, or activities that make you feel passionate. It could be anything from art to sports or from traveling to reading.
  • Reflect on Symbolism: Consider the symbols or images associated with your interests. For example, musical notes or instruments might be meaningful if you love music.
  • Research Symbolic Meanings: Research the meanings behind different symbols related to your interests. Find characters that resonate with you on a personal level.

Significant Symbols and Images

  • Reflect on Life Events: Consider significant events or moments that have profoundly impacted you. Specific symbols or images can often represent these events.
  • Family and Relationships: Consider symbols representing your relationships with family or friends. It could be initials, family crests, or symbols that reflect unity and strength.
  • Values and Beliefs: Identify your core values and beliefs. Symbols or images associated with these values can make a powerful and personal tattoo.
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Consider the Tattoo's Size and Placement

  • Think About Visibility: Reflect on whether you want your tattoo always to be visible or prefer a more discreet location. This decision will influence the size and placement of your tattoo.
  • Body Structure: Consider how the design will look on different parts of your body, considering body contours and shapes. Certain designs work better in specific areas.
  • Consult a Tattoo Artist: Seek advice from a professional tattoo artist regarding the appropriate size and placement based on your design. They can provide valuable insights based on their expertise.

Ideas for Tattoo Designs: Inspiration Sources

When it comes to finding inspiration for your tattoo design, there are several different sources one can turn to. Each source can help inform and shape the style of your tattoo, so it’s essential to consider all of your options and choose what resonates with you the most.

Browsing Tattoo Designs and Styles

Browse Tattoo Designs and Styles Sources for Ideas
  • Online Galleries: Explore various online platforms and websites dedicated to tattoo designs. Browse through traditional and contemporary styles to understand what resonates with you.
  • Tattoo Magazines: Look for magazines that feature tattoo art. These publications often showcase a wide array of designs, giving you insights into the current trends and styles.
  • Social Media: Follow tattoo artists and enthusiasts on social media platforms. Instagram, for instance, is a treasure trove of tattoo designs. It allows you to follow artists whose work aligns with your preferences.

Art and Literature for Inspiration

  • Visit Art Galleries: In person or virtually, visit art galleries to immerse yourself in various art forms. Paintings, sculptures, and mixed media can provide rich inspiration for unique tattoo designs.
  • Read Books and Poems: Delve into literature, including books, poems, and quotes that hold meaning for you. Phrases or images from literature can be beautifully incorporated into your tattoo design.

Cultural and historical significance

  • Research Cultural Symbols: Study symbols and images from cultures that intrigue you. Understand their meanings and significance, and consider integrating them into your tattoo design if they resonate with you.
  • Historical Events: Reflect on historical events or periods that captivate your interest. Draw inspiration from the visuals associated with those events to create a design that tells a story.

A Good Tattoo Design is Created By Using References Effectively

One of the best ways to ensure your tattoo design is personalized and unique is by bringing references to your chosen tattoo artist. References can include images, photographs, artwork, and even text that could inspire your tattoo design. Here are some tips on how to work with references when creating your tattoo design:

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Bringing References to the Tattoo Artist

  • Collect Images: Gather images, pictures, or sketches representing your tattoo ideas and preferences. These references will serve as a starting point for discussions with your artist.
  • Compile Styles You Like: Include various tattoo styles you admire, whether traditional, watercolor, tribal, or other. This helps in conveying your taste to the artist.

Incorporating Personal Preferences with the Artist

  • Share Your Vision: Clearly express your ideas, the story you want the tattoo to tell, and any elements you wish to incorporate. Discuss colors, size, and placement.
  • Listen to Suggestions: Be open to suggestions and ideas from the artist. They have experience and can guide you in translating your vision into a visually appealing design.
  • Discuss Customization: Work together to customize the design, ensuring it aligns with your preferences while utilizing the artist's expertise to enhance its artistic and technical aspects.

Artist's Experience in Custom Designs

  • Consider Professional Advice: Trust the artist's advice on what will work best for your desired design. They understand the nuances of tattooing and can recommend adjustments for a better outcome.
  • Value Their Experience: Respect the artist's experience and expertise in creating tattoos. They will ensure the design looks great on paper and translates well onto your skin.
  • Finalize the Design: Collaboratively finalize the design, ensuring you are satisfied with the result and excited about the upcoming tattooing process.

A Good Tattoo Design: the Long-Term Impact

When creating a lasting tattoo, considering the long-term implications is crucial. Here are some key points to keep in mind to ensure your tattoo remains meaningful and appealing as the years go by:

Avoid Regrettable Designs

Design for long-term impact to avoid regrettable outcomes
  • Think About Trends: Consider if the design aligns with current trends. While it might seem trendy now, will it still hold the same appeal after several years?
  • Reflect on Personal Growth: Ponder whether the design represents something timeless about you. Avoid tattoos that might lose their relevance as you evolve and grow.
  • Research Extensively: Conduct thorough research to ensure you're not getting a design that may have negative connotations or meanings later in life.

Choosing a Design that Will Age Well

  • Simplicity is Key: Opt for simple designs. Intricate details might fade or blur over time, impacting the overall look of the tattoo.
  • Consider Placement: Think about where you're placing the tattoo. Areas prone to a lot of movement, like joints, may affect the tattoo's longevity.
  • Mind the Colors: Choose colors that age well. Vibrant colors may fade faster, so consider more subdued tones that stand the test of time.
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Professional or Societal Implications

Check Workplace Policies: If you're in a profession with strict tattoo policies, consider designs that can be easily covered.

  • Cultural and Social Acceptance: Be aware of your area's cultural and societal norms. Some designs might have taboo or offensive meanings in certain cultures or communities.
  • Seek Advice: If unsure, consult professionals or individuals with experience in the field to ensure your tattoo aligns with your personal choices and societal expectations.


Creating a good tattoo design requires time, effort, and careful consideration of personal preferences, inspiration sources, and long-term implications. Working with a reputable tattoo artist and communicating effectively can bring your unique design to life.

By following the guidelines in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure that your tattoo is meaningful and visually appealing. So, take your time, explore your interests, and use your creativity to develop an exceptional tattoo design you will cherish for years.

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  • What makes a good tattoo design?

    A good tattoo design is visually appealing and personally meaningful to the wearer. It should be well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing, with clean lines and a cohesive look.

  • How do you get ideas for tattoos?

    You can get tattoo ideas by looking at different kinds of images and creating a collection of material that appeals to you. Tattoos only matter if they're precisely what you want. The colors may need to be changed, or you may only like a section of the picture.

  • What makes a tattoo classy?

    Subjective criteria determine classy tattoos. Even the most highfalutin eye can appreciate some styles. A tattooist specializing in black and grey tones and/or whose lines are clean and minimalist is a good choice.

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