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Who Is The Most Tattooed Celebrity: Top 6 [Interesting Factors]

Celebrities with the most tattoos
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The most tattooed celebrity is revealed. The answer may surprise you. Post Malone now boasts an impressive collection of 78 tattoos, turning his skin into a canvas of art and personality.

Celebrities are not uncommon to wear tattoos these days since tattoos have become mainstream. Their tattoos reveal their individuality and values, giving fans a glimpse into their personalities. It is no secret that tattoos have become an integral part of the entertainment industry, allowing artists to express themselves permanently and personally.

This blog post will examine some of the most inked celebrities and their meaningful body art.

Who is the Most Tattooed Celebrity: Meet the Top 6 Contenders

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Tattoos have become a popular way for stars to express themselves, with some even becoming known for their extensive tattoo collections. Among the most tattooed celebrities, we'll examine their tattoos, the stories behind them, and the significance of their tattoos.

Post Malone

The most tattooed celebrity is Post Malone

Number and Location of Tattoos

With his signature face tattoos and a plethora of body ink, Post Malone is another musician known for his extensive tattoo collection. In 2021, he had 78 tattoos, including:

  • "Stay Away" under his eyes.
  • "Always Tired" under his eyes.
  • "Bob Dylan" on his arm.
  • A portrait of Lil Peep on his arm.
  • A sword with a snake wrapped around it on his arm.
  • A Playboy bunny on his arm.

The Significance Behind Some of His Tattoos

While some of Post Malone's tattoos may seem random or unusual, each one holds a special meaning to him. Here are a few examples:

  • The "Stay Away" and "Always Tired" tattoos represent his desire for privacy and his busy schedule as a musician.
  • The portrait of Lil Peep is a tribute to the late rapper, who Post Malone was friends with and admired.
  • The Playboy bunny could symbolize sexiness or rebellion.
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His Controversial Face Tattoos

Post Malone's face tattoos have been a topic of conversation ever since he debuted them. It has been argued that his decision to get tattoos on his face may negatively impact his career or personal life in the future. Post Malone has defended his tattoos, saying they are a form of self-expression.

His Tattoos in Support of a Cause

The rapper has also tattooed support for various causes on his body in addition to his tattoos. A tattoo of a dagger dripping with blood symbolizes his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. A pink ribbon also appears on his tattoo, symbolizing breast cancer awareness.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is one of the most tattooed celebrities

Number and location of tattoos

With over 60 tattoos, Justin Bieber's body art collection is quite extensive. His tattoos are all over his body, including his arms, chest, back, and face.

The meaning behind some of his tattoos

The tattoos on Bieber's body hold significant meaning for him. A tattoo of an owl on his arm symbolizes wisdom, while a tattoo of a cross on his chest signifies his faith. "Angel wings" on his back are a tribute to his grandfather, who had the same tattoo.

His most notable tattoos

Bieber's most notable tattoos include his "Purpose" tattoo above his belly button, which matches the title of his fourth studio album. He also has a portrait of Jesus on his left calf and a "lion" tattoo on his chest, representing strength.

Fan reactions to his tattoos

Bieber's tattoos have garnered a lot of attention and opinions from fans. Some love his body art collection and see it as expressing his creativity and style. Others believe he needs to be more moderate with the number of tattoos, which detracts from his musical talents.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most tattooed celebrities.

Number and location of tattoos

Angelina Jolie is known for her intricate tattoos covering most of her body. She has over 20 tattoos on her arms, back, legs and stomach.

The Stories Behind her Tattoos

Jolie's tattoos often have special meanings for her. A Tibetan script tattoo on her left shoulder blade says, "May your enemies run far from you, and may your riches always be yours." Her "dragon" tattoo on her lower back represents each of her children.

Her Tattoo of Geographical Coordinates

One of Jolie's most famous tattoos is the coordinates on her left arm, representing her children's birthplaces. It reads "N11°33'00" E104°51'00" for her son Maddox Chivan, "N09°02'00" E038°45'00" for her daughter Zahara Marley, and "N10°46'00" E106°41'40" for her son Pax Thien.

Her tattoo is dedicated to her children

Jolie also has a tattoo covering her upper back, depicting a "blessing" written in Khmer script, a language from Cambodia. The tattoo represents the blessings she has received from her children and symbolizes her love and dedication to them.

Harry Styles

One of the most tattooed celebrities is Harry Styles.

Number and Location of His Tattoos

Known for his eclectic style and unique personality, Harry Styles has amassed many tattoos over the years. As of 2021, he has over 60 tattoos, ranging from small designs to larger, more intricate pieces. Some of the most prominent tattoos on his body include the following:

  • Swallow on his chest.
  • "Jackson" on his collarbone.
  • Anchor on his wrist.
  • Rose on his arm.
  • "Hi" on his hand.

The Symbolism Behind Some of His Tattoos

Like many people with tattoos, Harry Styles has chosen designs that hold personal significance to him. Some of the meanings behind his tattoos include:

  • The cross on his back represents his connection to his religious upbringing and spirituality.
  • The rose on his arm could symbolize love or beauty.
  • The "Hi" on his hand is a nod to his friendly nature and outgoing personality.
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His Matching Tattoos with Bandmates

As a former member of the iconic boy band One Direction, Harry Styles shares a special bond with his former bandmates. Harry and some of his bandmates have matching tattoos to commemorate their time together. Some of these include:

  • The words "Things I Can" on their arms.
  • The numbers "1" and "D" on their ankles.
  • The letters "M," "A," "C," and "E" on their arms.

Fan Reactions to His Tattoos

The internet explodes with comments and opinions with each new tattoo Harry Styles gets. Some fans see his tattoos as an extension of his unique style and personality, while others criticize him for the amount of ink he has. Regardless of public opinion, Harry has never shied away from expressing himself through his tattoos.

Brad Pitt

One of the most tattooed celebrities is Brad Pitt

Number and Location of Tattoos

Brad Pitt has an extensive tattoo collection, with approximately 14 tattoos. Here are some of the notable ones:

  • A large tattoo covering his back with a Sanskrit phrase that reads "E Pluribus Unum."
  • The birth coordinates of his children on his left bicep.
  • A small cross on his hand.
  • A line drawing of Ötzi the Iceman on his right forearm.

The Stories Behind His Tattoos

Brad Pitt has often said that his tattoos each have significant meaning. Here are some of the stories behind his tattoos:

  • The Sanskrit phrase on his back nods to his meditation practice and means "out of many, one."
  • Pitt tattooed his children's birth coordinates on his bicep to symbolize his love and commitment to his family.
  • The cross on his hand reminds him of his time growing up in Missouri, where he attended a Baptist church.
  • The drawing of Tzi the Iceman is a tribute to his interest in history and archaeology.

His Matching Tattoos with Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie

Pitt and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie famously got matching tattoos during their relationship. Here are some of the tattoos they got together:

  • A matching "M" tattoo on their hands stands for their charity, the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation.
  • Coordinates of the birthplaces of their children, which they got on their arms.
  • Matching tattoos on their backs of an ancient Buddhist symbol, similar to the ones Pitt already had.

Fan Reactions to His Tattoos

Pitt's tattoos have been the subject of much fan speculation and interest. Some fans have praised his artistic choices, while others have criticized them. Pitt's tattoos are well-regarded and have become a part of his iconic image.


Rihanna is one of the most tattooed celebrities

Number and Location of Her Tattoos

Rihanna is another celebrity known for her extensive tattoo collection, with over 20 tattoos. Among them are:

  • A small cross on her collarbone.
  • The words "shhh..." on her finger.
  • A tribal Maori design on her hand.
  • A sizeable Egyptian goddess Isis on her chest.

The Inspiration Behind Her Tattoos

Rihanna's tattoos often depict various aspects of her life and personality. Here are some of the inspirations behind her tattoos:

  • The small cross on her collarbone symbolizes her faith and spirituality.
  • "Shhh..." on her finger indicates her successful singing career and the need for silence during recording sessions.
  • The tattoo on her hand is a tribute to her BFF Melissa Forde, who also has a similar tattoo.
  • The giant picture of Isis on her chest is a tribute to her late grandmother, who died from cancer.

Her Infamous Tattoo of an Arab Phrase

One of Rihanna's most famous tattoos is an Arabic phrase that reads "al huriyah" or "freedom" in English. However, the tattoo is infamous because it was initially misspelled, leading to widespread criticism and mockery from fans and social media users.

The Meanings Behind Some of Her Tattoos

Rihanna's tattoos often have personal meanings or represent aspects of her life. Here are some of the meanings behind her tattoos:

  • The stars on her neck signify the three best friends she grew up with in Barbados.
  • The gun under her right armpit belongs to her late friend, who was shot.
  • The music notes on her ankle are a nod to her love for music and her successful career in the industry.
  • The henna-style hand tattoo on her fingers is a tribute to her love of Indian culture and reflects her philosophy of living in the moment.

Dwayne Rock Jonson

Dwayne Rock Jonson is one of the most tattooed celebrity

Location of Dwayne Rock Johnson's Tattoos

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is known for his muscular and tattooed physique, which is a result of his Samoan heritage. Some of the places on his body where he has tattoos include:

  • His upper right arm: A tattoo of a bull or a Brahma bull, which represents his astrological sign, Taurus, and symbolizes strength, stability, and stubbornness.
  • His left arm: A large tattoo sleeve that covers his entire left arm, a tribute to his Samoan heritage. The design includes elements such as a turtle shell, a sun, tribal designs, and his family's names.
  • His chest: A tattoo of a giant eagle that covers his entire wardrobe, which represents freedom, strength, and power.
  • His left shoulder: A tattoo of a smaller version of his character, Maui, from the movie "Moana," which he voiced.

Meaning Behind Dwayne Rock Johnson's Tattoos

Dwayne Rock Johnson's tattoos are not only aesthetically pleasing but also contain significant meanings that reflect his values, beliefs, and life experiences. His tattoos have the following meanings:

  • His Taurus tattoo symbolizes the quiet strength, stability, and determination that he possesses.
  • His tattoo sleeve represents his connection to his Samoan heritage and family, an essential part of his life.
  • His eagle tattoo symbolizes his love for the United States, the country where he grew up and achieved success.
  • His Maui tattoo represents his connection to the Polynesian culture, which he is proud of and has actively promoted through his movies and other endeavors.
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Notable Tattoos on Dwayne Rock Johnson

While all of Dwayne Rock Johnson's tattoos are impressive, some stand out due to their size, design, or significance. Some of his most notable tattoos include:

  • His tattoo sleeve, which covers his entire left arm, features intricate and colorful designs that represent his Samoan heritage.
  • His eagle tattoo, which covers his entire chest, is one of his most prominent tattoos.
  • His Taurus tattoo, which is on his upper right arm, is one of his most recognizable tattoos.
  • His Maui tattoo, which is on his left shoulder, is a unique and playful addition to his collection.

Fan Reactions

Dwayne Rock Johnson's tattoos have become a topic of discussion among fans and followers, who have mixed opinions about them. While some fans find his tattoos attractive, meaningful, and inspiring, others criticize them for being too extravagant, excessive, or distracting. Despite the varying opinions, it is evident that Dwayne Rock Johnson's tattoos are an integral part of his identity, and he is proud to display them on his body.


Tattoos have become a prominent form of self-expression in the entertainment industry. From Justin Bieber's body art to Brad Pitt's ink, celebrities have used tattoos to communicate their personalities, beliefs, and experiences.

While it's hard to determine who the most tattooed celebrity is, we can appreciate the ink adoring their bodies and meanings. Ultimately, it's not just the number of tattoos that matters but the personal significance and story behind the ink that makes them stand out.

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  • What was the first celebrity to get tattooed?

    Janis Joplin was the first big-time celebrity to get a tattoo in 1970 publicly. Joplin is the "Queen of Psychedelic Soul." She was also a painter, dancer, and music arranger. She was born in 1943.

  • What is the world's most tattooed woman?

    Charlotte Guttenberg of Florida has tattoos covering 98.75% of her body, making her the most inked woman in the world. He holds the record for tattooing the most feathers 216.

  • Which tattoo is the oldest?

    Tattoos are first seen on the body of Ötzi the Iceman. One of the tattoos near his knee is cross-shaped. The bottom picture shows a series of tattoos on Tzi's body that archaeologists think may have been for pain relief or ritual use.

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